“Friend” Breaks Into Home After Giving Owner A Ride To Grocery Store

A home security camera helped authorities quickly identify a “friend” who allegedly broke in a Clayton area home earlier this month.

On February 2nd, a 30 year-old Clayton man told authorities he needed a ride to the grocery store.  One of his friends, identified as 23 year-old Corey Scott Thurston of Ellis Avenue, Dunn, reportedly picked him up around 6:00pm at his home near Clayton and drove him to a nearby Food Lion.  After the man walked inside the Food Lion, Thurston reportedly drove back to the victim’s home, kicked in the back door and stole a small safe containing cash and a handgun.  Thurston then allegedly returned to Food Lion and parked in the same parking space as if to appear he had never left.

When the victim was driven back home he discovered the burglary and the missing items.  The suspect apparently didn’t realize the home was equipped with security cameras, which helped identify Thurston as the alleged burglar.

Thurston was charged on February 12th with breaking and entering, larceny, larceny of a firearm and possession of stolen property. He was incarcerated under a $120,000 secured bond.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office is still working to recover the stolen items.