Governor Announces NC Sanctions In Response To Russian Attack On Ukraine

Orders State Agencies to Review Contracts and Terminate Agreements with Russian Entities

RALEIGH – Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order No. 251 on Monday in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that directs state government agencies and departments to review all existing contracts and operations and to terminate any agreements or operations that directly benefit Russian entities.

“The invasion of Ukraine is an attack on a free people. This order sends a strong message and helps ensure no public dollars or operations from North Carolina will benefit Russia and its unjustified aggression,” said Governor Roy Cooper. “Our state stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine as they fight courageously against a tyrant to defend their country, their democracy and their freedom.”

The Executive Order covers all state government agencies and departments over which the Governor has executive authority, as well as state entities for which the Governor appoints the chief executive or a majority of the board members.

Other state entities and local governments in North Carolina are strongly encouraged to adopt similar policies, including divesting from Russian assets to ensure that public dollars and operations do not benefit Russia and avoiding new contracts with Russian entities. 

This order includes, but is not limited to:

  • Alcohol Sales: The North Carolina ABC Commission is directed to review its list of approved products for any produced by Russian Entities and to suspend the approval of such products as quickly as practicable. 
  • Purchase & Contract: The Department of Administration, Division of Purchase & Contract, is directed to terminate any such contracts with Russian entities as quickly as practicable if they are identified.

Currently available information from the North Carolina ABC Commission suggests that three alcohol brands – Hammer & Sickle, Beluga, and Russian Standard – would be subject to this Executive Order.


  1. Not certain why US citizen’s freedoms are being restricted because Russia and Ukraine are in conflict. Let the people decide instead of forcing a sky-is-falling executive order. Cooper has no integrity.

  2. Maybe the governor should try some Simethicone. That always helps me when I have trouble with putin.

  3. How come we have never had state level sanctions on china despite their genocide, intentional Spreading of pandemic viruses and Human organ harvesting? Oh that’s right cause Cooper is also getting paid by China!! I say sanction And remove Cooper, then all the NC problems will be solved.

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