Grand Jury Indicts Man For Seriously Injured Benson Police Officer

A Johnston County Grand Jury has returned a indictment against a man who allegedly assaulted and seriously injured a Benson police officer earlier this year.

Officer E. Sinclair and Sgt. J.R. Jordan were the first to arrive on the scene of a fight involving numerous individuals in the 300 block of E. Moore Street in Benson around 11:00 pm on May 21, 2019.

According to police, Samuel Thomas Gordon, 30, of Brock Road, Dunn was making loud noises at a home.  A 35 year-old neighbor walked next door and asked Gordon not to make loud noises because she had a newborn baby inside her residence.  Gordon allegedly grabbed the female victim and hit her with his hands several times causing stitches from her surgery to break and open up the incision.  The victim said she may have lost consciousness during the attack.

Several others who witnessed the alleged attack intervened. Police arrived and broke up the melee. Gordon reportedly told officers he did not believe the victim should have asked him to be quiet.

Following an on scene investigation, Gordon was taken into custody for assault and handcuffed behind his back. While in a Benson police cruiser he was able to move his arms and handcuffs to the front and then kicked out the windshield of the patrol car.  Officer Sinclair approached the cruiser and was kicked repeatedly causing serious bodily injury including ruptured discs and leg injuries. Sinclair was able to taser Gordon, but it took the assistance of Johnston County deputies before Gordon could be fully restrained.

During the altercation, Gordon alleged used racial slurs and made sexual comments towards the female officer.  He later made threats of violence towards police upon his release from jail, according to a report.

Gordon was charged on May 21st with three counts of assault, one count of communicating threats, injury to property, resisting arrest, and intoxicated and disruptive.  This month a Grand Jury in Smithfield indicted Samuel Gordon for felony assault inflicting serious bodily injury on a law enforcement officer.