Harnett County Solid Waste Relocates Dunn-Erwin Convenience Center

Harnett County Solid Waste has relocated the Dunn-Erwin Convenience Center to provide a more customer friendly experience. The convenience center, previously located inside the Dunn-Erwin landfill, is now located outside of the landfill at 449 Daniels Road in Dunn.

“I am excited to announce the relocation of the Dunn-Erwin Convenience Center,” stated Harnett County Solid Waste Director Chad Beane. “I’ve received lots of feedback from citizens about the current location being very inconvenient to residents. This change in location is an opportunity for Harnett County Solid Waste to make an operational change that will provide a better customer experience for our citizens.”

Citizens will no longer have to go through the main entrance of the landfill, which funnels across the scales and into the landfill area. Citizens can avoid intermingling with waste hauler traffic and commercial trucks, which will provide a safer, more user-friendly way to dispose of bagged household garbage and recycling.

The new Convenience Center location provides a circle through driveway into a spacious disposal area housing two trash compactors for bagged household garbage and one recycling compactor for household recycling items, such as paper, aluminum cans, plastic containers, glass bottles, newspapers, and cardboard.  Special recycling items such as Scrap Metal, Electronics, and Scrap Tires will still need to be placed in the disposal inside of the landfill area.

The Dunn-Erwin Convenience Center will continue to operate Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7:30am to 4:30pm and Wednesday from 7:30am-12pm. The site remains closed on Sunday.