Health Director: 10 COVID Deaths In Last 7 Days

Johnston County Public Health Director Dr. Marilyn Pearson addresses Johnston County Commissioners on September 7, 2021. 66 of 72

66 of 72 patients hospitalized with COVID are unvaccinated

SMITHFIELD – Johnston County Public Health Director Dr. Marilyn Pearson updated Johnston County Commissioners Tuesday on COVID-19 numbers. Dr. Pearson also recommended everyone take the COVID vaccination and wear masks while indoors or in crowded locations.

As of Tuesday, there had been a total of 28,115 COVID cases reported in Johnston County, with a recent average of 1,100 new cases per week, including over 300 new cases during the Labor Day Weekend.

A total of 72 Johnston County residents were in area hospitals being treated for COVID, including 62 at Johnston Health in Clayton and Smithfield, Dr. Pearson said. Of the 72 residents hospitalized, 66 were unvaccinated.

Dr. Pearson said in the last seven days there had been 10 COVID deaths including 8 deaths at Johnston Health within the past week.

420 break-through positive cases have been reported in individuals previously vaccinated.

COVID-19 testing continues to take place at area clinics, physician’s offices and hospitals. Fifteen percent of all individuals tested last week in the county tested positive, that is down slightly from 17 percent from the prior week. During the first week in July, 4.5% of individuals were testing positive. The highest was in December and January when it peaked with a 19 percent positivity rate. Approximately 5,000 to 6,000 people are now being tested weekly, up from a previous average of 3,000 to 4,000 per week.

Dr. Pearson said Johnston Health is currently at capacity with all beds at both hospitals being full. Non-emergency out-patient procedures have been temporarily suspended.

The Health Department is currently dealing with eight COVID outbreaks and three COVID clusters in Johnston County, she reported.


  1. If you crash a motorcycle on I-95 your dead body is tested for Covid19 and guess what will be the cause of death will be? This is because of government funding and if we don’t do it here in Johnston County we are leaving money on the table. That is how it is explained to the ones that question these tactics.

    • How do you know this for a fact? Not hearsay. Not something you read on social media. How do you know this information? Who can confirm this for us?

    • If someone dies in a car crash no one is testing their dead body for Covid. What are you even talking about?

      Quit distracting from the facts posted here in our own hospitals and county. 72 people from Johnston county are currently in the hospital with Covid. 66/72 are unvaccinated. These aren’t people hospitalized from a car crash.

      Our county is almost 50-50 with vaccinations yet hospitalizations are 66-6 unvaxed. What does that tell you?

      How many are hospitalized in our county due to side effects from the vaccine?

      What are we talking about here? Go get vaccinated if you care about yourself and loved ones.

    • It’s amazing how I’ve been told about 200,000 different people that died on motorcycles and just happened to have had COVID.

  2. The super spreaders won’t listen to the health director though..They’d rather show up to a school board meeting and complain about not being able to allow kids and teachers to continue to spread even more.

    • Exactly.

      Seriously this variant is ripping through communities and all they can do is complain about wearing a mask.

      We have no idea what this disease does to our bodies long term, even if you are asymptomatic or recover without hospitalization. Why take that chance with your kids?

    • Why do you feel as though looking at other causes of death somehow makes it ok to die from covid? The point is that the health director as well as the CDC agree that we can prevent covid deaths by getting the shot and wearing a mask while keeping your hands clean and keeping a safe distance…What is so hard about understanding that? Or maybe you do understand and just want to cause issues..

  3. For 2020 there were 10,315 deaths in NC due to coronary heart disease. This cause of death was #1.

    Since March 1, 2020 — when the first COVID case was detected in NC — there have been 14,708 deaths. Not quite the same timetable, but perhaps helpful.

  4. Notice how all these politicians and media outlets (including this one) only report on cases and deaths and not recoveries? Wonder why that is.

    But let’s look at real numbers.

    According to U.S. Census Bureau ( there are 215,999 people living in Johnston County.

    The following information is from Johnston County’s own COVID website (
    – A total of 28,327 cases have been reported which is 13% percent of Johnston County.
    – Of those cases, there have been 281 deaths which is 0.99%.
    – Those presumed recovered are at 26,102 meaning if you catch COVID, the probability of you recovering is 92%.

    COVID isn’t the big boogieman virus everyone has made it out to be. Yes people have died and that is sad. But it’s time to stop letting politicians and media fill your head with fear and live your lives!

  5. 66 out of 77 unvaccinated! Why go to the hospital? Take your deworming, drink your bleach, and stick ultraviolet light up your rectum. Veterans and people with other medical issues can’t get beds because of your antivaxers selfishness. Be awaken insurance companies are watching and will soon stop paying out for these self afflicting deaths, hospital Bill’s will drive you into bankruptcy, jobs will fire you, your decision will impact your family for a lifetime. Your decision, your right, your life, your death..freedom always has a price..

    • Then insurance companies also need to stop paying for alcoholic care, drug abuse/overdoses, poisonings, obesity care and smokers care. Your logic makes no sense!

      • There’s not a widely available (free to you) shot to prevent alcoholism, drug addiction, obesity, and cigarettes addiction (though I would be fine with denying health care claims due to cigarettes).

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