Highway Patrol Recruiting Applicants For Upcoming Academy

Do you want to become a State Trooper? The NC State Highway Patrol is accepting applicants for two upcoming schools.

The 158th “Fast Track” 14-week school begins January 29, 2023 and is for NC Basic Law Enforcement Technology (BLET) sworn applicants.

The 159th Traditional School, which lasts 27 weeks, begins on February 5, 2023.

The mission of the Highway Patrol is to promote excellence in traffic enforcement through a commitment to the safe and efficient flow of traffic, crime reduction and response to natural hazards and manmade threats. This is accomplished through government and community partnerships and based upon core values of loyalty, integrity, and professionalism.

Troopers make a salary of $44,500 while in training. The top salary reached after six years is $70,868.

Johnston County is allotted 26 troopers and is one of the largest Highway Patrol districts in the state. Troopers patrol 62 miles of interstate highways, as well as numerous US and NC highways, and secondary roads in Johnston County.

For more information contact a State Highway Patrol recruiter.

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