Hit And Run Driver Sought Following Smithfield Road Rage Crash

Four people inside a car, including two children ages 12 and 14, escaped injury when someone rammed their vehicle from behind then sped away.  Police said it was intentional.

Smithfield Police said the road rage incident happened around 11:00 o’clock Thursday night on North Brightleaf Boulevard near Hospital Road.

A 34 year-old Benson woman had just left the parking lot of Wal-Mart on North Brightleaf Boulevard when a small red SUV began following then chasing her.  In an attempt to get away, the victim tried to turn into the parking lot of the Pizza Hut but was intentionally hit from behind. 

Police said a Hispanic male driver and female passenger in the red SUV fled from the scene. Police believe the hit and run vehicle may have heavy front end and right front corner damage.

Damage to the victim’s 2013 Nissan was estimated at $6,000. 

Anyone who may have witnessed the accident or has information about the hit and run suspect can contact the Smithfield Police Department Tip Line at 919-989-8835.