HVAC Repairman Accused Of Defrauding Elderly Customer

A self-employed HVAC repairman has been arrested after he allegedly defrauded an elderly woman out of $1,550. Gregory Lee Hines, 52, of Strickland’s Crossroads Road, Four Oaks was arrested Feb. 9th by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office on a felony warrant for obtaining property by false pretense.

In November 2020, Hines allegedly went to the home of an 82 year-old Four Oaks woman to work on her HVAC unit. Hines reportedly told the victim he needed $300 to buy the parts.  Later, he allegedly convinced the homeowner she needed to have the duct work replaced and was prepaid an additional $1,250. 

Authorities said the victim tried repeatedly to contact Hines to see when he would return to perform the work but he never returned her calls. On February 1st, 2021 the victim filed a report with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.  After his Feb. 9th arrest, Hines was given a $5,000 secured bond. 


  1. Sure hate to see this. Greg’s been doing work for our family for many years and it’s always been a good experience. Always 2 sides to every story, so I’ll save the judging for someone else.

    • I went to high school with Greg but haven’t seen him in years. I know 2 of the 3 of his older brothers well and they are extremely reliable and respectable people. I’m not sure Greg ever grew up. Sure hate to see him going in this direction and I also hope there’s more to the story.

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