Impaired Driver Strikes Gentlemen’s Playhouse, Police Say

A Selma nightclub raided May 22nd by North Carolina ALE agents is back in the news after the establishment was struck by a suspected impaired driver.

Selma Police said it happened at 6:39pm Sunday night, May 26th.

No one was at the Gentlemen’s Playhouse at 200 Graham Street when it was hit by a SUV that fled from the scene but later returned. The crash was captured on a video surveillance system at the business.

Police said they reviewed the video which showed a burgundy Chevy Trailblazer pull into the parking lot and make a 360 degree turn. The driver placed the SUV in reverse, drove over a concrete parking stop then collided with the exterior wall.  The driver then pulled forward and observes the damage. The vehicle sat stationary until 7:09pm and then left the parking lot, police said.

The damage was discovered by the owner of the club who arrived a short time later and reported the incident to police at 8:27pm.

While still on the scene investigating, police said the suspected driver of the SUV returned to the Gentlemen’s Playhouse.  The man, identified as 34 year-old Bryan Franklin Gaines of Salisbury, NC had slurred speech and an odor of alcohol.  Police walked outside and saw the Chevy Trailblazer in the parking lot.

Police said they asked Gaines for his driver’s license. He searched through his wallet and handed the officer a school identification card for a child.  Police handed the student ID card back and Gaines was later able to produce his driver’s license.  Police said the license was valid but had a restriction of a 0.04 BAC (blood alcohol content).

Gaines reportedly failed a field sobriety test and registered 0.17 on the Breathalyzer.

He was charged with driving while impaired, failure to comply with license restrictions, injury to property,hit and run, and failure to stop after an accident.  Gaines was given a $5,000 bond pending a July 11, 2019 court appearance.

Damage to the building was placed at $1,000.