Inmate Attempts To Cut Jailor With Knife

An inmate brought to the Johnston County Jail by a Benson police officer attempted to cut a detention officer with a knife.

The incident was reported Sunday night.

Benson Police arrested Julian Javier Lemus Lopez of NE Railroad Street for indecent exposure.

After being brought to the Johnston County Jail, a detention officer was searching Lopez and reportedly found a knife in his pocket. Lopez and the jailor struggled for the knife and Lopez was able to gain possession of the weapon.  Lopez began swinging the knife towards the jailor’s throat, however other jailors and the Benson officer were able to subdue Lopez before he could cause any physical harm.

Lopez was subsequently charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon on a government official and felony possession of a weapon by a prisoner.

Lopez was given a $1,000 bond for the indecent exposure charge and a $250,000 bond on the felony charges.  At last report, he was still in custody.

Benson Police did not return our phone calls before our news deadline seeking information about the indecent exposure incident.