Inmate With Violent History Attacks Detention Officer

An inmate serving a 13 to 18 year prison sentence for robbing motorists at the I-95 Selma Rest Area is now charged with attacking and injuring a Johnston County detention officer.

The incident was reported Monday in the Johnston County Jail in Smithfield.

Derrick Marrall Barnes, 31, who previously lived on Hunting Ridge Drive in Selma, physically assaulted a detention officer in the Johnston County Jail causing serious injury.

Barnes was convicted in Johnston County Superior Court in February 2008 for robbing three motorists at the I-95 Rest Area in Selma on September 4, 2007.  The suspects were captured by Selma Police during a traffic stop minutes later. Barnes was one of two defendants sentenced to lengthy prison terms by Superior Court Judge Knox Jenkins.

He was being held in maximum security by the NC Department of Corrections before being transferred to Johnston County Jail on Monday for a court appearance.

He had been scheduled for release in January 2024 on the robbery conviction.  He is now charged with felony assault on a detention employee causing serious injury. If convicted, that could add to his sentence.

According to the NC Department of Public Safety website, Barnes has had 58 infractions since going to prison in 2008 including multiple offenses for involvement with a gang. Other infractions include assault, weapon possession, lock tampering, illegal clothes/linen, misuse of phone/mail, substance possession, flooding a cell, damage to property, possession of audio/video device, and unauthorized tobacco use.

In 2006, Barnes was convicted for an attempted home invasion near Selma. During the attempted break-in, Barnes was shot by the homeowner, but not seriously injured.  He received probation for that crime.