Inmates Caught Trying To Escape From Jail

Two inmates in the Johnston County Jail were caught overnight attempting to escape from the facility inside the Johnston County Courthouse.   Jailors discovered the attempted escape around 10:15pm.

Officials said the two inmates, both awaiting trial on serious felony drug charges, gained access to a room that was off limits to prisoners.  The inmates were caught as they attempted to access a vent in the room. Even if they had gained access to the vent, it would not have lead them outside the jail.

Orlando Sanchez Caballero, 38, of Dudley was charged with attempted escape from a county jail.  Steven Austin Swann, 37, of Raynor Road, Benson was charged with aiding and abetting.

Caballero has been in custody since June 10, 2018 on methamphetamine trafficking charges. His bail was increased from $350,000 to $1,350,000.

Swann who was one of four people arrested on December 8, 2017 after $6,000 worth of methamphetamine was found by the NC SBI and Johnston County Sheriff’s Office inside a home on Raynor Road had been held under a $250,000 bond.  His bail was increased to $750,000.

The inmates were reportedly last checked on by jailers around 10:00pm, about 15 minutes before their poorly planned escape attempt.

No injuries were reported and no damage to the jail facility was reported.