Inspection Director Expects 2022 To Be A Record Year For New Single Family Home Permits

JOHNSTON COUNTY – The Johnston County Building Inspections Department set a record in 2021 with 8639 permits issued.  Director of Inspections Shane Hudson predicts 2022 will be another record year for his agency.

Of the 8639 permits issued in 2021, 2755 were for new single family homes up from 2641 in 2020, representing $563.6 million in new home construction last year alone. Permits totaling $221.3 million in new commercial development was also issued.

“2021 was another record year for Building Inspections over 2020.  We issued a total of 7827 permits in 2020 and 8639 permits in 2021. That is almost a 10 percent increase in total permits sold. We also performed 85,686 inspections in 2020 and 96,981 in 2021. That is a 13 percent increase over 2020 which averages about 45 additional inspections a day,” Mr. Hudson said. “New single family home permits were up around 5 percent in 2021 and new commercial was up almost 20 percent compared to 2020.”

“I feel like 2022 will be another record year with single family homes due to the fact that homes have been delayed due to many materials not being readily available or there would have been an even higher increase last year than it was,” Mr. Hudson told The Johnston County Report.

A total of 163 doublewide and singlewide manufactured housing permits were issued in 2021, down slightly from 185 issued in 2020.

The Inspections Department collected $4,748,496 in fees in 2021 up significantly from $3,889,144 collected in 2020. 


  1. Is this responsible leadership and management? I have to say I do not think so since we are out of water and begging other municipalities to help us. Out of sewer capacity, schools overcrowded and traffic is horrible everywhere. Quality of life is disappearing. Where are the county commissioners?? Where is the county manager? MIA?

  2. I do not think the brakes will be put on this growth in any shape,form or fashion.This is simply a very high growth area that will become another Atlanta or Washington D.C./Baltimore type situation.I guess our leaders will try to figure it out as it evolves, I just believe it will get totally out of hand.

  3. Wonder how much money is being passed under the table to make this happen. GREED is the true reason for this.

    • They don’t care about anything except making money…our farm and wood lands are disappearing at an alarming rate..schools are overcrowded…roads are terrible.. but the chosen few are getting richer, and thats all that matters… 🙁

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