JCPS Board Votes To Continue Mask Mandate

(Left to right) School board members Kay Carroll, Al Byrd, Terri Sessoms, and Lyn Andrews vote to continue the mask mandate in Johnston County Public Schools. (Screenshot)

SMITHFIELD – The Johnston County Public School Board voted Tuesday evening to continue the mask mandate for students and staff for another month.

“Unfortunately, since the last meeting some of our numbers have gone up. We were sitting at 4.9 in our positivity rate in our last school board meeting and now were sitting at 8.5 over a 14 day trend,” Lyn Andrews said.

“Because we are heading into the holiday season it would be my hope that we would consider continuing the mask mandate until we come back from the holiday and at our next board meeting in (January), which would be two weeks after the New Year, hopefully we would be entertaining a vote to make masks optional.”

Chairman Sutton said, “Its just very discouraging. We only wear these masks in here, and sitting in here a couple of hours wearing a mask gives me a headache. I can’t image what it does to students on a daily basis.”

Chairman Todd Sutton

“I understand that we only have a couple more days of school before we get out for the Christmas break, but my hope is that when we come back in here in January that this board makes it optional for students and staff whether they want to wear a mask or not…”

“Sooner or later we’ve got to take this mask off and I hope its in January that we can do this because I agree, its not really a vaccine out there, its more of a shot because a vaccine cures it. I don’t think this is going to cure it…. I think we’re going to continue to get these shots down the road,” Chairman Sutton stated.

Board member Mike Wooten said, “Another point that needs to me made, I think everyone has had the opportunity to get a vaccination that wants one. I’m talking about students and parents and adults. We’ve all had that opportunity to get the vaccination. The ones who haven’t gotten the vaccination are probably not going to get it.”

Kay Carroll responded, “As someone who has been in healthcare and has watched this my whole career, I will encourage people the vaccine will help us get the mask off. It will help us stay safer. Over 700,000 people have died in this country and many of ’em needlessly because we made an issue of something we didn’t need to make an issue of. Its a healthcare crisis.”

Screenshot of a COVID-19 metrics slide shown to the school board indicating staff and student COVID cases have increased and quarantines are up since their November 9 meeting.

“I would encourage folks, its a safe vaccine, get the vaccine. Stop this virus in its tracks and lets get back to a normal life. I’m with everybody else. I don’t like to wear a mask but I will tell you I wear a mask anytime I’m going into a public place.”

The board voted 4-to-3 to continue the mandate. Like previous votes, Vice Chairman Terri Sessoms, Lyn Andrews, Al Byrd, and Kay Carroll voted to continue with the mandate. Chairman Todd Sutton, Ronald Johnson, and Mike Wooten voted against.


  1. Johnston County Tax Payers and Parents remember that Chairman Todd Sutton was well ahead of the Biden administration and the DOJ in using the court system to shut down you freedom of speech. He had his attorney to send a lawyer scare letter to some of his constituencies who was talking bad about him online. You parents wonder where the idea of using the DOJ came from now? Yes it was the teachers union.

    Folks remember Mike Wooten and Todd Sutton has next year to act like a conservative mask hater and convince you that they are fighting for these mask to come off. The only problem is that we Tax Payers and Parents will not for get that these two appointed the liberal progressive liberal Al Bryd and that was a vote that would make sure the mask stay on.

    Do you voter think that liberal progressive liberal Mike Wooten still think about the thin margin that kept him in his school board seat. I think Mike Wooten sure does think of it and Todd Sutton thinks of his arrogant lawyer scare letter he had sent to his constituents too. Un-election day is coming boys, and that day will put the other school board members that are left on notice too. We want forget how $180-K-Carroll tried to back door that $180,000.00 to our old superintendent Dr. parker ether.

    • A. Covid poses virtually zero threat to children. That’s only slightly less than the risk it poses to the general population

      B. Masks obviously don’t work

      C. Inhaling your own carbon dioxide for 8 hours a day doesn’t keep anyone safe or healthy.

      I can’t imagine the level of hypnotic delusion that is involved that keeps people parroting obvious nonsense.

    • My daughter has caught more viruses here in her Jr. year of high school than she had since elementary school. If masks worked, how is this so? Answer, they don’t it is just insane virtue signalling. We are watching the school board, those voting against science will be gone.

  2. Jonny Cash said it best.

    “Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter
    Tell ’em that God’s gonna cut ’em down”

    The ball is in your court and Americans are pissed and fully awake…

  3. Top federal health officials warned in a briefing Tuesday morning, Dec 14, 2021, that the omicron variant is rapidly spreading in the United States and could peak in a massive wave of infections as soon as January, according to new modeling analyzed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The prevalence of omicron jumped sevenfold in a single week, according to the CDC.

    The CDC briefing Tuesday detailed two scenarios for how the omicron variant may spread through the country. The worst-case scenario has spooked top health officials, who fear that a fresh wave, layered on top of delta and influenza cases in what one described as “a triple whammy,” could overwhelm health systems and devastate communities, particularly those with low vaccination rates.

  4. I recently tested positive but don’t feel all that bad. And it hasn’t stopped me from going out and doing my regular stuff with no mask. Afterall, it’s all about my freedom, right? 🙂

  5. There is a reason mask mandates in the public school systems are being struck down in courts across the US from local courts all the way up to the Supreme Court. Sadly the swamp is soo deep with people with self serving interests that benefit financially from this scamdemic and will milk the cash cow dry. One could only guess how each of us would do if we owned a local pharmacy with this much temptation.

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