JCPS First Day Enrollment Drops

Johnston County Public Schools reported 34,540 students attended classes on Monday, the opening day of the 2021-22 school year.  That number is down 130 from last year’s opening day enrollment (2020-21) of 34,670.

In 2019, 35,435 students attended opening day classes.  In 2018, 34,998 attended the first day of school.

The 10th day total is the number used for annual attendance reporting purposes. The 2020-21 10th day total was 36,811.    


  1. Folks, this board is going to spend that $180,000.00 on $180-K-Carroll’s good friend Mr. Parker just as sure as he wanted this to stay secret in closed session. Do any of you feel that $180-K-Carroll is the chairman of the board now and Mr. Sutton is just a figure head? The citizens of this county really deserve a State Audit. Tax Payers and Parents remember only one school board member out of seven felt in his heart that spending this money in secret was wrong. Now what you do see is bad enough, just think of all we don’t see from these people that are in control of our kids and money?

  2. Hopefully the number continues to drop as people pull their kids out of these indoctrination camps and homeschool!

      • Proof is the numbers dropping of those enrolled in public school and the numbers of homeschool families increasing. The article says it!

        • Being down 130 for the entire county is nothing. There are 45 schools in Johnston County. That comes out to about 3 fewer students per school. Negligible.

          • Except with the influx of new students due to all the new houses it’s actually a lot more! The article is also not clear if this includes the students who are doing virtual academy.

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