Jill Homan Files for New Johnston County-Based State Senate Seat

ARCHER LODGE – Jill Homan, a mom, successful businesswoman, and 2020 Trump campaign surrogate, formalized her candidacy Thursday by filing for the newly-drawn seat representing Johnston County in the North Carolina Senate.

“From threatening to implement COVID vaccine mandates on high school seniors to enabling the liberal indoctrination of public school students, Governor Cooper is overreaching and threatening our rights as parents,” said Jill Homan.

“As a Republican state Senator, I will fight to ensure parents, not bureaucrats are in charge of our children’s education. I will defend our brave law enforcement officers and support our small businesses and farmers, which are the lifeblood of our economy.”

Homan’s candidacy comes after the legislature approved new legislative district boundaries, which includes a Senate seat encompassing all of Johnston County.

Homan worked for Republican Congressman Bob Ehrlich (Maryland) handling agriculture issues in Washington, DC and then for John Deere Corporation in Cary. She attended business school and public policy school at Duke University. Today, she runs a real estate company focused on investing in communities in need, including many communities in North Carolina.


    • She just left our home (on foot) and gave us her email and website. You can also reach her directly on FB. Perhaps she missed an email that went to spam, or even the promo tab. Doesn’t hurt to look at her site for yourself and see if your question is answered, or try to contact her again.

  1. They should have called it what it is, they are opportunity zones. They have always smelled funny, but what do I know?

  2. Mr. Chuck, could you please cite your sources where Ms. Jill Holman “Praised Putin for invading Ukraine”.

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