Johnston Community College To Require Face Masks

JCC will again require face masks to be worn indoors, effective immediately.

In light of the recent spikes in COVID-19 cases and the highly contagious nature of new variants, Johnston Community College will require masks to be worn indoors, effective immediately and until further notice. As always, we recommend that faculty, students, staff, and visitors to our campus practice social distancing and frequent hand washing.

JCC’s Emergency Management Team will continue to seek COVID-19 guidance provided by the CDC, NCDHHS, NC Community College System, and other agencies. Our team is monitoring this ever-changing situation and our guidelines are subject to change. Our top priority is the safety of our students, faculty, and staff.

“Since March of last year, we have learned many lessons about accommodating and adapting. And now, we adapt again with different safety measures,” President Dr. David Johnson said in a statement to campus.

These updated measures are as follows and apply to all faculty, staff, students, and campus visitors:

Effective immediately, face coverings will again be required in all indoor spaces on campus for students, faculty, staff and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, unless: You are alone in a private, enclosed area or you are actively eating or drinking. Vaccinated faculty may remove their masks while teaching as long as three to six feet of physical distancing are maintained. Face coverings are not required in outdoor spaces but are encouraged, especially in large crowds.

(JCC News Release)


  1. Imagine paying for an archaic way of getting an education and then them telling you what you have to wear to get the same information from their classrooms that you couldn’t get on Youtube.

  2. Yeah, I would never spend my hard earned money with someone for them to then turn and attempt tell me how to live my life. Especially not a bottom of the barrel public institution like JCCC.


    Get your money back kids. Go to school online. Get your undergrad/grad degree from the comfort of your couch or home office wearing only pajamas and definitely not wearing a ineffective and oppressive mask. Cheers 🍷

  3. Could always attend Trump College. I’ve heard great things. Wonder if he requires the vaccine though? I would imagine probably so considering his operation warp speed helped deliver said vaccine and he himself has had the jab.

  4. They understand their legal and moral obligations to provide for an environment that is safe for students and staff. Unfortunately, some members of the Johnston Co Schools Board of Ed fail to understand they have legal and moral obligations as well. They have limited immunity regarding Covid leading to illnesses in the schools, but they have set themselves up for lawsuits since they willingly and knowingly went against the recommendations of national and state authorities as well as the recommendations of the local health dept leaders and the county is in an area of substantial spread of the new variant.

    • So which test are they using to test for covid or the “variant”? There is a recalled PCR test that can not distinguish between the flu, a cold and “covid”. there is NOT a test for the variants so how do they know it’s a variant? How do they know it’s covid? If it’s so deadly why are they able to treat it with augmentin at the pneumonia stage?

      • I had the same question about testing for the variant. I asked two medical doctors in two different medical groups to see how their answers compared. Both of them included the term genome sequencing in testing as part of their responses.

        • Hmm then how did they develop a test so quick for a “new” variant. I don’t buy it! No way they are getting test results back that quick while also looking at them all under the microscope to make a determination which “variant” it is. I call BS!

  5. So y’all are upset that JCC requires masks, but no one cares that they teach CRT and the JoCo commissioners gave the school more than $20million in funding?!?!? #hypocrites

  6. Thank you JCC for making sure your students and community try to remain safe. LOL at the anti-mask idiots above.

  7. Please if you are ignorant of this pandemic, or you can’t see the number of children under the age of 12! Who are infected with this virus, please shut up! Through out the south, 87 percent in some areas, kids are being hospitalized, some on incubation! Stop spewing this selfishness and ignorance. Why can’t we see that wearing a mask, washing our hands, getting VACCINATED SOCIAL distance all these things work! We adults are supposed to protect our children, so if you can’t say something positive, please for our children sake, shut up.

    • If it’s any help then you’ll be glad to know that this kind of nonsense (talking about most of the comments above yours) is the minority of people. Thankfully most people actually understand that a virus trying to kill them doesn’t care if they’re being “patriotic” (although come on now, how is going unvaccinated and spreading disease patriotic?). It’ll kill you all the same.

  8. General George Washington mandated troops vaccination and won the war there by saving the union, we have survived this American experiment by good leadership! In my 24 years of military service, we took vaccines for military readiness, we trusted our leadership, we preparedness for combat for our country! And you and half of America can’t wear a mask or get a vaccine, yet you wear your seatbelts, and wear shoes into a store by a mandate. Do something for your country! Learn to serve others, the “WE” is why we exist! Sfc Mervin Jones USA retired.

  9. Look at Florida this morning, children are filling the hospitals! They are too young for vaccines, ages 2 and 5! Years of age. I hope the joco school board is watching the news, because if you open these schools, without mask, social distances, hand washing, strict protocols, you are failing your babies! WAKE UP!

    • Your fears don’t dictate our freedoms.

      If you’re so scared, keep your children out of public school. Problem solved.

      Your collective thinking is unAmerican and reeks of communism. 🇨🇳😷 Move to Wake or Durham counties. You’ll fit in just fine with their collective fear mongering and sensationalism.

      Individual freedom reigns supreme here. 💪🇺🇲

      Your fears (a.k.a. your feelings) are your problem and no one else’s. Stop trying to make your fears other people’s problems. Suck it up, buttercup. 😘

  10. I’m not even sure why this is an article. JCC has bigger issues than reinstating their mask mandate on campus. The Board of Trustees voted this summer to hire an external investigative firm to look into all complaints coming from employees. Employees have been waiting to be contacted and interviewed by the hired firm. Also, the presidents performance evaluation was due this summer, too. Now, nothing. Silence. They started off acting like they were listening and going to do something about it…sounds political. Regardless, the people and Joco Report should be asking about the investigation and its status.

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