Johnston County Crossroads Becoming All-Way Stop

MCGEE’S CROSSROADS ā€“ A rural Johnston County intersection will become an all-way stop to boost safety.

The N.C. Department of Transportation will make the transition to the junction of Mount Pleasant and Jackson King Roads on the morning of Wednesday, September 29th, weather permitting. 

The department is changing the traffic pattern after 23 crashes, including eight with injuries, occurred at this intersection over the last 10 years. Most of the crashes happened after a driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic, causing a collision.

Currently, drivers must stop on Jackson King Road, which already has yellow stop ahead warning signs and the octagon-shaped stop signs on either side. A similar sign setup will be installed on Mount Pleasant Road as part of the all-way change.


  1. Can we please stop with all the 4 way stops and freaking roundabouts????? Good, old-fashion stoplights……they have served the driving public well for many, many years!!!!!

  2. Another intersection would be Benson Hardee Road and Old Fairground. We have had so many accidents on Old Fairground Road and have requested a stoplight or 4 Way Stop Sign for years now at this intersection.

  3. Good Lord! Have these people not been to a 4 way stop lately? Some people are absolutely lost and have no clue what to do at a 4 way. There will still be accidents because people can’t drive!

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