Johnston County Emergency Services Continues Outreach Efforts To Inform Residents Of Proposed Fire Service Changes 

SMITHFIELD – Johnston County residents will begin to see informational fliers showing up in their mailboxes as the Emergency Services’ Fire Marshal Office continues to engage the public on the proposed change to a single County fire protection service district.

Currently, each contracted area is funded through an individual service district which includes 26 total service districts. With the creation of a single County fire protection service district, there will only be one service district that covers the entire County outside of the incorporated areas with the exception of the Town of Wilson’s Mills. All funding for each contracted fire agency will then come from the single service district.

Accompanying this initiative is the release of an informative PSA video featuring Cleveland Fire Chief Chris Ellington and County Fire Marshals, Ryan Parker and Jordan Piper.

Residents are invited to a public hearing on April 1 at 6:00 pm at the Johnston County Courthouse in Smithfield to ask questions and to learn more about the proposed changes. For inquiries, please contact the Johnston County Fire Marshal’s Office at 919-989-5050.


  1. I still have an understanding that everything will be called JOCO FIRE and I am not happy with this. I love the Cleveland Fire Department and want them to keep there name. I may be wrong about JOCO Fire, but I don’t think so and I am not able to be at the Courthouse. I think the Fire service in this County is fine just the way it is. Why mess with something if it is not broken?

  2. Four Oaks EMS. Excellent example. Excellent service, familiar faces, and community support. Had enough money in the budget when the county took it over to keep running calls for years along with their fundraising. Just because some other departments had issues-fire included- don’t disrupt a good thing. We don’t support this. Just like we didn’t support the EMS take over. Here in Four Oaks, we have a good thing. We can handle it on our own!

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