Johnston County Man Charged With Animal Cruelty

KENLY – A Johnston County man has been charged with felony animal cruelty. Samuel Scott King, age 37, of the 500 block of Boyette Road, Four Oaks was arrested April 20 by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.

On April 7, a contractor hired to clean out a foreclosed home on W. Silverado Court, Kenly reportedly found the decomposed remains of a large dog inside a locked kennel inside the vacant home. There was no water inside the kennel and the food was molded.

Authorities allege King left the dog inside the locked kennel when he moved away from the W. Silverado Court address weeks earlier.

King was released on a $2,500 secured bond pending a court appearance.


  1. $2500 bond? How about locking this worthless POS up in a crate without water and checking back in on him in a few weeks. Save the taxpayers a whole bunch of money.

  2. That’s sad and people get by with hurting children the elderly and anmails they can’t fight back and you see these monsters walking the streets or very little time being served this is so evil are they really humans and have a soul

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