Johnston County Middle School Principal Arrested On Misdemeanor Stalking Warrant

FOUR OAKS – A Johnston County middle school principal has been suspended following his arrest on a misdemeanor warrant. William Anthony Whitaker, age 44, of Garner was arrested October 3 around 6:00pm by Johnston County deputies.

Whitaker was charged with misdemeanor stalking on a warrant obtained September 29 by a female complainant. Whitaker was released on a $1,500 secured bond at the Johnston County Jail pending a trial date.

According to a copy of the warrant, the alleged offense took place on September 29 and it appears to be domestic related. The warrant alleges “…the defendant unlawfully and willfully did, without legal purpose, on more than one occasion harass (the complainant) by lingering in front of the home, after dropping their children off, parking across the street watching victim. After tell (sp) the defendant not to follow her. Unsolicited visits at children’s daycare, when not asked to be there. The defendant knew and should have know that the harassment would cause a reasonable person to fear for the person’s safety or the safety of the person’s immediate family.”

We attempted to reach Mr. Whitaker at Four Oaks Middle School on Tuesday for a comment. A person who answered the phone at the school said he was not at work.

Tuesday afternoon, JCPS Superintendent Dr. Eric Bracy released a statement saying, “The school system is aware of the charge against Mr. Anthony Whitaker. While our office hasn’t received any information suggesting that this matter involves the school system, Mr. Whitaker is currently suspended with pay while the school system takes appropriate steps to review the matter.”

According to the JCPS website, Principal Whitaker taught at Cooper Elementary for 6 years before becoming the Assistant Principal at Cleveland High. He later served as an Assistant Principal at Selma Elementary and West Clayton Elementary before named the principal at Four Oaks Middle School.


  1. We are not sending our best into these schools, and it apparently takes an illegal act to get rid of our worst.

    • Mr. Rodney Wood this is a message that the national teachers union also known as NCAE are sending to you parents and taxpayers that not one teacher here in Johnston County will be fired even if charged with statutory rape of a child. Now that teacher can offer her resignation by her own actions the way Amanda Jane Doll did last September 15 after being charged with statutory rape of a child, but no Johnston County Teacher will be fired by this JCSB or JCPS system for any reason by order of the National Teacher Union Teachers! Mr. Whitaker will be returning after his payed time off and that will reinforce any questions of him not being insulated and protected by the teacher union teachers should any of you parents that have complianed your grievances about the Four Oaks School you have removed your children from?

    • Oh no sir! Favorable treatment is the School Board member being charged with INDECENT LIBERTIES WITH A CHILD he met at church and still on the Board!! But they want to get rid of Ronald Johnson because he taped conversations and meetings that should be public anyway.

      The School Board had better tread very carefully on this one. Pot, Kettle…😳

      • That’s a county commissioner not a school board member who was arrested on those charges. Email your county commissioners asking why he is still on the board. I emailed each of them and got a response from only 2.

  2. School Board member charged with Indecent Liberties with a CHILD and he is still on the job??!! This man sits too long after dropping off his children- JC School Board had better be careful. Pot-Kettle…see where this is going?

  3. Hey Terry; fantastic demonstration of your education. it’s “paid,” not “payed.” Also, North Carolina and JCPS are not mandated by any “union.” We are aright to work state, you donkey.

    • Hee,Hee,Hee; Mr. Frank Underwood I assure you they are more of me that exist in this mortal existence of mine than you could ever manage? Your superior knowledge of the english language allowed you to pick up my misspelling and overlooked my last open ended sentence of my post. Mr. Frank Underwood be careful of this electronic Ouija Board because the evil that exists are closer than you think?

      • “…they are more of me…” “…because the evil that exists are closer…” Dude, seriously? You’re going to issue a vague threat on a Christian run news outlet? 😂 How about this; if you want to be taken seriously, open up a grammar book. Pathetic!

  4. Is anyone on this feed literate? It says plain as day that the warrant says this was a domestic issue. The details are right there in the story. The only person I know of who has been charged with statutory rape is County Commissioner Dickie Braswell. Intelligence has been chasing a lot of you all for awhile, but you’ve simply been too fast for it.

  5. Was it a student or parent that he was stalking ? Or was he just simply a dad missing his children? We need more details before we all start to judging. I don’t know not one soul that’s perfect.

    • Keysha, I agree. Innocent till proven guilty is very important so that all sides can be heard before conviction. The Court of public opinion is quick to convict people based on media reports.

  6. There is no doubt the jcps, along with all school systems, try to minimize and deflect problems from within. Not too long ago, an employee had claims against a high level employee and the county quietly allowed the employee to resign. It took Ron Johnson to defend the harassed. My favorite show back in the day was Perry Mason, he was a great LAWYER. Bet this doesn’t make it.

  7. 1 – Lingering outside the home –was he just sitting in his car or was he walking around? If sitting he could have been texting or talking on the phone – nothing illegal about that…different though if he was indeed ask to leave and didn’t.
    2 – Parked across the street watching –was he parked illegally? Was he trespassing on private property and did that property owner file a complaint?
    3 – Visits to the daycare – was there a custody arrangement that stated his dates and times of visitation/custody of kids that included the daycare? Did the daycare have a copy of arrangement and did they file a compliant?
    4 – Was there ever a restraining order issued against the Defendant? If so, why was he even allowing to pickup/drop off the children at the home? The exchange should have been at a local area such as a police station.
    As you can see there are a lot of unknowns in this situation. As far as his employment at JCPS, it does not appear the school was involved with the things he was charge with publicly, so at the moment he is innocent until proven guilty. Leave with pay is the correct path at this time, however, should he be found guilty of the acts then it goes against the code of conduct for the school system and therefore should be fired.

  8. Don’t worry Mr. Devil the NCAE or better known as the teachers union will be having none of this nonsense of any Johnston County teacher or principal being fired for any reason. Parents and Taxpayers of Johnston County the NCAE or the National Teachers Union has successfully taken control of the Johnston County Public School System and have been packing our school’s with Durham County Progressive Liberal Critical Race Theory Organization otherwise known as teachers. Just shut up Parents and Taxpayers and pass the hundreds of millions of dollars school bond so professional drag queens can be hired to read books to your young children? Let’s just forget about the NCAE supporting school board shutting down our schools for an entire year while you parents worked by day and educated your kids by night while these educators making the news headlines still got their paychecks with bonuses. MR. DEVIL YOU HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY SUSCESSFUL IN TAKING OUR INNOCENT CHILDREN!!!

    • “…packing our school’s with…” “…or, or, or….” Terry, your middle name is “run on sentence.” Seriously dude, you write on a 7th grade level.
      This would be different if you were opining on say, the whiskey tango trailer park, a new meth lab, an 8 piece Bo’ Bucket with fixins,’ or how your unleashed dog attacked a 4 year old.
      Maybe turn off the OANN and read a book without pictures? See you at the next school board meeting. Much Love, from those you ridicule.

    • Bonus points awarded to @terrybarns for mentioning CRT, Progressives, Liberals, drag queens, and unions in the same message. I love seeing all the boogeymen together!

    • terrybarns dont give the haters a second thought. Your grammar has improved vastly over the last year and I can read your posts clearly. You have a way of drawing out the weak minded left and that’s good stuff. As always terrybarns, keep posting.

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