Johnston’s Unemployment Rate Increases

Unemployment rates – not seasonally adjusted – increased in 98 of North Carolina’s counties in June and decreased in two. Edgecombe County had the highest unemployment rate at 8.0 percent while Orange and Buncombe Counties each had the lowest at 3.3 percent. The statewide unemployment rate was 4.1 percent up from 3.6 percent.

In Johnston County, the unemployment rate increased from 3.3 percent in May 2022 to 3.7 percent in June 2022. A year ago, in June 2021, the jobless rate was 1.1 percent higher at 4.8 percent.

According to statistics released today by the NC Department of Commerce, Johnston County had 3,928 people unemployed in June 2022 out of a labor force of 106,766. Statewide, 209,855 people were unemployed in June out of a labor force of 5,145,699.


  1. Unemployment up. Inflation up. GDP down two quarters (yes, we’re in a recession…officially), Joe’s approval rating is about the lowest of any President I’ve ever seen. See how voting has consequences, folks?

    • Should President Biden instruct the Federal Reserve on how to do their job since it is their responsibility to monitor and control inflation?

      “While the Federal Reserve raises borrowing costs aggressively to tame stubbornly high inflation …

      The Fed increased its benchmark interest rate by 0.75 percentage point last week, after having raised it by a similar amount at its policy meeting in June. By doing so, officials are trying to cool the economy and rein in rapidly rising consumer prices.”


      One more data point: the US is not in a recession until the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) declares we are.

      • Congress did exactly that in 2020 and 2021. Please refrain from repeating media lies. 2 consecutive quarters of down GDP is a recession. That’s been the accepted definition for decades, and we don’t just redefine words to shield the White House from scrutiny.

        • Dear Brett,

          The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) determines when the US is officially in a recession. It has the final say.

          Not Congress. Not the President. Not the Fed. Not the Department of the Treasury. Not the media.

          • N C Gal if you were wading in a pool filled with water, would you wait for someone to tell you that you were wet, or would you already know it? Just because the NBER hasn’t declared a recession doesn’t mean it’s not happening now.

  2. Cut off the free handouts from local, state, and federal entities, and watch how fast that unemployment number drops to zero!

    • Tell the Truth: Could you please list what these free handouts are in each category — federal, state and local?

      Thank you!

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