Juvenile Burned While Trying To Ignite Fire With Gasoline

CLAYTON – A 13 year-old juvenile is in the UNC Burn Center in Chapel Hill recovering from serious burns.

Around 6:40pm Tuesday, Clayton Police Chief Greg Tart said two 13 year-old juveniles were attempting to start a fire in a no trespassing wooded area on the property of Grifols. They were using a spray bottle filled with gas to ignite the fire with a lighter and the fire caught the stream of gas on fire. It instantly ignited the spray bottle causing one of the juveniles to catch on fire.

He received first, second, and third degree burns on his legs, thighs, and hands. The injuries, although serious, are not life threatening.


  1. If you play with fire you get burned. That said, I do hope he recovers and this is a lesson learned.

    • My friend is in the hospital now with first second and third degree burns on his hands and legs, he was doing the right thing and trying to put out a fire that there former friend had started. This kid was starting fires and my friend was puting this out. This went on about four time, and then the kid threw the gas can on the fire and kicked it so that some got on who shall not be named. The fire spread to the woods and and my friend tried to put it out but he caught on fire. He couldn’t see so he went away from the fire and did stop drop and roll. He took off his shorts and socks and continued, he called his mom and she came and got him. Him and his mom walked back to there car, were he sat. His mother was on the phone with 911 dispatcher, when she was told to spray him with a water hose. She did this and when 911 showed up, he was taken away on a stretcher to the hospital. It took them an hour to get there. He was given pain medicine. To ease the pain, but he knew that he had serious burns. He is in a lot of pain right now over something that he was trying to make right. It was not his fault and it is wrong of you to think so. He was asked to come and explore the woods with one of his friends. His friend did the wrong thing and it got people hurt. Pray for him to be safe please and to feel better.

    • That’s not what happened this is fake new the 2 kid spilled gas on the kid who got burn and ran in to the woods wile the kid was getting burn

  2. I’m the father of the kid that was burned. This article is bullsh*t! My kid was trying to put out a fire that another kid lit when that kid dropped the bottled filled with gas in it on the fire and then kicked it towards my kid. A Clayton police detective confirmed that my child was doing right. Very frustrating that the police chief did not give the facts of this after his detective and officers investigated this.

  3. The kid who got burn was not playing with fire he was in the woods when a other kid was setting fire in the woods the kid who got burn was trying to stomp it out when this other kid kick a bottle of gas over all over this kid The kid who got burn is my friend and he will not be blamed for someone else who was be a moron

  4. Why is it always someone who was not there, thinks they know exactly what happened?? Could 1 or both the boys not tell the whole truth because they are scared they will get in trouble??

    • That is not true my friend was trying to put it out not help start it . Yeah sure we weren’t there, but we know that he was doing the right thing to put it out not start it. He is not like that. He is kind, loving, truthful, smart, and beautiful. The other one ran and hid while our friend was in pain.

    • One kid was burning while it happened, yet his recount of what happened has never changed. The other POS’ story changed multiple times (and there are charges coming for him), so we’re pretty sure we know what happened.

      • Sounds as if your kid can be charged as well. For trespassing. So it sounds like neither of them are innocent.

  5. He’s went with him to stop the fires from starting and got the gas kicked at him and he waved the fire with a sweatshirt to keep it going and it caught him on fire

    • So you’re saying he knew he was going to start the fire and that’s why he went with him? To put it out?

      • Idk I just heard from other people but regardless he was doing the right thing and this article makes it like he was starting fires too

        • Murderers swear up and down they never killed anyone but there’s alway cold hard facts proven they did. Do you still believe that murderer just bc they said “they didn’t do it.”

        • He didn’t know that his friend would start a fire. He went up there to hangout, not start a fire. It ain’t right that y’all are accusing him of starting the fire. He was trying to do the right thing and put out the fire not build it up.

          • Lets see, gas can or bottle, lighter or matches, but he did not no anything. People always walk into the woods with these things and do nothing. WOW! I must say no matter how I feel about this I do hope the child will be ok as I said in my original post.

      • He didn’t know a fire was being started until he got into the woods he then tried to put out the fire that the one boy had started and they boy got angry kicking the can of gas at him and fanning a jacket at him to spread the fire on him

  6. The boy that lit the kid on fire has started fires in the past, exactly 3 times and has been acting was weird because the boy was a happy, nice, and fun person to be around and than started acting strange, being aggressive towards others in the group in the past week. But when me and my friends smelled smoke we thought it was him again, so my first instinct was to go see what it was but when I got there it was my friend being loaded into the ambulance and it scared me. The boy than ran after he lit him on fire.

  7. Y’all should be praying for him and his family, not sitting there and accusing Him of it being his own fault. It isn’t, and his family is going through a rough time right now. Pray for them and ask God to rap his arms around them and to bring them peace, and to help him heal

    • Sounds like his father should be focused on his child more if it’s that bad and not up here pointing fingers.

    • This entire thread makes me sick. It’s absolutely absurd that y’all are just being nasty and not showing. Empathy. Pray for all involved and especially for the boy who was injured. He has a long recovery. I’m hoping that this story gets rewritten when the truth comes out!!!! In the mean time back off and let his family deal with this. I can’t even fathom! I’m going to keep praying for his recovery while the rest of you that lack empathy go on with your sad lives

      • Amen M, Not a one of these judgmental people have ever suffered like this 13 child is suffering. Who did what does not matter at this point. But for the grace of God it could be you and believe me, this young boy is in a place you never want to be. He is suffering more probably more than you have ever or ever will suffer in your sad lives. I can say this because I have been where this family is because my son was caught in the same situation at age 11 and believe me, this family really needs prayers and not judging.

        • Cant do dumb sh*t and expect for someone to sit back. From how I’m reading this The judging isn’t one sided. No one knows the facts except the 2 idiots. It’s not just one child going through trauma. Yes one got hurt but it looks like there will be consequences for both. What about prayers for both children? So if you want to preach about being all holy and not judging, let’s not forget to pray for the child who may have it sounds like some behavioral problems. Prayers they will both learn from this.

  8. Two kids involved in this story. What the story failed to include was that the boy who started the fire has a record of arson. This is his third arson offense. The boy who got injured had a can of gasoline kicked toward him by the arsonist in response to being told to stop playing with fire.

    • If the other boy was known to start fires, why was the boy who got burned hanging out with the arsonist? Why was he with him walking into a no trespassing zone? Most people who trespass are normally up to no good. Reading this article and this thread it does suck the boy got burned and I hope he is ok but something just doesn’t seem right. Did he not see the kid carrying the gas and the lighters? You can’t tell me he didn’t know before the boy lit the fore what was about to happen long enough for him to turn the other direction and earn a proper person to call the law on the arsonist.

      • The child who started the fire had the “arson kit” in a backpack. So it wasn’t visible to the victim. My oldest is friends with the victim. My youngest used to be friends with the fire starter. Many of the local teens have tried to stop him from starting fires. And not all kids have phones to call for help right away when they see something. He was going good by trying to put it out. The victim had made it clear numerous times to me and others he was against this kids behaviour. If you had a chance to stop something right there and then, or risk it happening by taking time to make a call or find someone. Would you also try to stop it first? I think most decent humans would. He clearly didn’t expect the other kid to kick the gas at him and fan the flames when he caught him on fire. No one especially a child expects a fellow human to do that. As for the no trespassing area and entering. Many of the signs are missing or covered. They are posted in woods they may not have realized they were in that zone. Many kids play in the woods, that is a perfectly normal childhood activity. As for following a kid who has been known to start fires, he is also known to have gotten in trouble for it. Children are quick to forgive and are naive. I am beyond appalled that so many grown adults are putting blame on a child victim who was trying to the right thing in the best way he knew how. I certainly hope non of those doing so are ever in a situation where you are harmed doing good and are blamed and bashed as if you are the villain. Though something tells me non of ya’ll would be even attempting to take action as this child did and are only holy behind your keyboards

        • Previous statement above from his friends saying he had a phone and called him mom after he was burned. Proves he had a phone. Why didn’t he call for help when he seen the fire going?

        • If the victim made it known he was against the kids behavior why was he comfortable enough to walk into the woods with him alone if he had a backpack?

        • Hello, I’m The boy who got burned. That was my bag with some of my random stuff, he hid the kit in his coat so I couldn’t see it.

        • We’re you there? Did you see the “arson kit”? I’m not bashing or blaming no one but perhaps one or both kids could tell small fibs thinking maybe they won’t get in trouble if no one knows the whole truth. Could it possibly be, they were simply both in the wrong? If the arsonist has a bad rap then why was the victim alone in the woods? Victims get hurt all the time who were just as guilty as the next person. If you’re an adult you should know if you weren’t there then you don’t know every single fact. And maybe you should stay out of it. Just becuz the boy has a history or arson doesn’t mean that other don’t want to play too. Kids will tell you one thing to your face and as soon as your turn your back do something totally different. If you have kids. You should know this. They will not tell the truth to stay out of trouble.

          • Let’s let the professionals do their job and let the ones who are only hearing one side stay out of it.
            Prayers for IZ and his family for a speedy healthy recovery.

      • I am the boy who got burned. This article has a lot of false information. I only knew this kid for a week, he told me to meet him at this place, when I got there he told me to follow him up the hill a bit. He then pulled out a bottle of Clorox and some cleaning supplies. I asked why he had that and he said it was filled with gas. I said why do you have gas. He said he is going to start a fire. I said that wasn’t a good idea, he then proceeded to put some gas down and lite it. After about 10 seconds of the fire burning, I stomped it out and said stop before you light the woods on fire.he then repeated the process about 4 times of him lighting it and me putting it out. On the 5th time he dropped the bottle of gas onto the fire. He then kicked it so a lot of gas got on me. The woods were catching on fire. I was in the middle of typing in 911 on my phone when He then took off his coat and fanned the flames which then caught me on fire. I stopped dropped and rolled and then took off my shorts that were still on fire. After the fire that was on me was out I proceeded to put out the wild fire. After the wild fire was out I painfully walked to my mom and we got a ambulance. The other kid left me and hid in the woods. The article says they got their information from the Chief, the Chief did not know all of the details about what happened. I had a detective come and interview me about this incident. I just learned that the other kid has had 2 other incidents with the law for fires in the woods. Instead of some of you people being sympathetic and having empathy for me, you instead believe everything you see on the news, I am in more pain then you can imagine. It is upsetting me about the fact of having to go on to this website and explain this. I have PTSD now and I am going through therapy to help cope, I am also now terrified of fire. Have a good day. Jesus loves you all no matter what you do.

        • Bud, I’d hate to say this but I’m a fire fighter. If you had gas on you and fanning a jacket caught you on fire, you would had caught back on fire easily when you said you stomped the last fire out.

    • Why the h*ll was the boy walking into a no trespassing area with someone who has a gas can in the first place? What did anyone think was going to happen?
      Speedy recovery and prayers for the burn victim.

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