Kilo Of Cocaine Seized During I-40 Traffic Stop

BENSON – A kilo of suspected cocaine was located inside a vehicle during a traffic stop on Interstate 40 in Johnston County. A sheriff’s deputy stopped a car for a moving violation around 9:00pm Feb. 17th on I-40 near Benson. 

During the traffic stop a sheriff’s K-9 alerted on the vehicle. During a search, one kilo of cocaine with a potential street value of $22,000 was seized. The driver of the car, Edwin Daniel Reyes, 34, of Highway 55 East, Mount Olive was charged with two counts of trafficking cocaine. Reyes was confined in the Johnston County Jail on a $500,000 secured bond.  


      • What if you had a kid and he died from a car accident? Would you want to ban all cars to prevent what MIGHT happen? I know freedom is a hard concept but let’s try it.

      • Cars have hurt many families. Food has killed many people. Are we gonna ban those to?

        Only ******* think the war on drugs have been a good thing when in reality it’s nothing more than a power grab by the government.

  1. Michael, your family could be the victim. The victim is any person hooked on cocaine. The crime is he broke the law. Wars are fought in battles and this situation is one of those.

    • If any adult takes drugs willingly, knowing the consequences of taking such drugs, and doesn’t force anyone else to take them, that’s called personal responsibility and shouldn’t be criminalized. Why is freedom such a hard concept for people to grasp?

      • Michael, you are one sick pup but regardless is the fact that the law is the law and we have to follow the rules of the law. All you seem to do is want to make the dealers richer and the poor poorer. Drugs hurt and that is the bottom line. Nothing good comes out of drugs.

  2. What was the moving violation? I’ve been stopped for multiple things and they never asked to search my car. Free Danny!!

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