Letter To Editor: Pine Level Principal Deserves Recognition

Every day in Johnston County, principals head to work, thinking of one thing: the success of their students.

Principals are champions for kids, and work to ensure they have everything they need to learn, thrive and grow. They also know that with proper nutrition, kids are more likely to reach their full potential. Through their efforts, they are leading the way to end childhood hunger for students in their schools.

Principal Allen Sasser at Pine Level Elementary is a perfect example. Principal Sasser does all that he can to make sure his students are fed daily. He is always present to help students with their meals and remember their lunch numbers. With staffing shortages across the state, he lends a helping hand anytime the cafeteria needs support.

Yet, this year, principals are facing an immense set of challenges as the pandemic continues.

Despite these obstacles, principals continue to collaborate with school nutrition departments, teachers and other school staff to get kids the food they need, providing critical support in this ever-changing school year.

This Principal Appreciation Month, we recognize leaders like Principal Sasser who are behind the scenes, making decisions to help staff and students stay safe, healthy and nourished.

Helen Roberts
School Outreach Educator
No Kid Hungry North Carolina
Raleigh, NC


  1. Mr. Sasser is by far the best!! It amazed me when my child was there that he made it a point to know every child’s name in the school from K-5. He was always very pleasant to deal with whenever there was an issue and it seemed his #1 priority was looking after those children!!! It doesn’t just stop at school. Every time we see him out he is always asking how my child is doing in school and takes interest in his after school sporting events. We loved Mr. Sasser and PL Elementary is lucky to have him!!!!

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