LGBT Candidate Announces Bid For US Congress

Johnston County resident Rev. Dr. Wendy Ella May announced Friday her candidacy for North Carolina’s 2nd U.S. Congressional District. The seat is currently held by Republican George Holding.

May, who lives near Micro, said she plans to bring her experience as an Advocate to the Capitol and restore common sense progressive leadership in Washington D.C.

May said she is committed to fighting for fairness in an economy that seems to be ever increasingly stacked against the working and middle class.

May is a New Deal Progressive Democrat, a champion of reproductive freedom and equity for women, a fighter for human rights, veteran’s, LGBTQ community, civil rights, labor and rural America, according to the press release. She will run on the Democratic ticket to represent North Carolina 2nd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018.

The Second District covers about half of Johnston County.  The Seventh District represented by Congressman David Rouzer covers the remainder of Johnston County.

“At the end of the day, the decision to run for a chance to represent the district in Washington, DC was an easy one to make,” Rev. Dr. May said. “I will work across party lines to make sure that our citizens can earn a living wage, have affordable health care and that our public schools are strong to prepare our future generations for employment.”

May said she comes from a family with union blue-collar roots. She has already formed the Committee to Elect Wendy Ella May for Congress.

In 2016, May was unsuccessful in winning election to the District 2 seat on the Johnston County Board of Commissioners held by Commissioner Ted Godwin of Selma.  May is believed to have been the first open LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) candidate to run for an elected office in Johnston County.

A disabled US Army veteran and a member of the Disabled American Veterans, May is the retired founding priest of the Bradley Beach Community Church in New Jersey, founding director of M.E.N.D. 4 Male Survivors of Military Sexual Assault, and the retired President of the US New Methodist Episcopal Orthodox Religious Order and Churches.

May has also founded the MEND I AM Program and the Transformation Veterans Retreat Center in Selma.  She is a member of the LGBT Democrats of North Carolina, Democratic Women of North Carolina, and Democratic Women of Johnston County.


      • But Trump stood for almost the exact opposite platform as yourself. How many supporters do you think you’d draw at a campaign stop? Let’s compare apples to apples.

        • It was a fair question….so from where do you see yourself drawing support in your efforts….Your bio states that you are a “New Deal Progressive Democrat”…..and assuming that that is a picture of your campaign poster it likewise says “Progressive Democrat”….in other words exactly what Trump supporters showed up in droves to combat….Perhaps Orange or Mecklenburg County where political views are more similarly aligned with your own would give you better odds?….Or maybe even delve into some local or state politics prior to taking a chance on a direct flight to DC?

          • First if you think that the 2nd Congressional District is made up of true supports of The President lets us look at the whole picture starting with my take on your comments and the comments by Dude, Really. Yes I am A Progressive Democrat and I have run for other offices so this is about a direct flight to DC. President Trump may have won this race and I respect the office he holds. But let’s look at why his plan for election has many upset. Make America Great is what poor and the middle class needed to hear. Has he every been poor or middle class the answer is no I have after my father died my family had to receive help as my mother was now a single parent. I have worked many jobs over my life and I am a proud union member, why I traveled so much. Second point has President Trump every lived in Rural America (killed his own food or farmed) I have so I know what it is like to live in Rural America (Member of the Grange and Farm Bureau) Third has he every served our country the answer is no. I have as a member of the United States Army. So yes the is other places that were a better fit but I love where I live I have family here and plan to stay here for a long time.

          • I know about poverty too. I grew up on welfare( food stamps, government cheese, public housing, ect) because my parents couldn’t grasp that if you can’t afford one child, then it’s not alright to burden everyone else with five. While I love my parents, this is one philosophy that I didn’t agree on with them. Growing up that way you see a lot of things folks don’t want to get caught talking about. Like how more and more mothers are making child birthing a career, welfare being their salary. Illegal aliens, who can’t even read the WIC voucher that’s given to them, pony up EBT benefits and can get better quality food than I can because I have to follow a budget and use my own money. I also see citizens do it to and then go get in a newer vechicle than I’ve got. That’s not right I don’t care how you try to rationalize it. I’m one of the Americans that lost his job to illegals, I can’t work for $10/Hr when I was making $18/Hr a few years earlier doing the same work. My family hasn’t suffered because we’ve lived within our means like everyone should ,but we have had to give things up. As far as I’m concerned The U.S.of A. Federal Goverment has become way to cumbersome in people’s day to day life. If you want to make America great again, start with taking care of Americans and the folks who’ll get up everyday and go to work not looking for any Goverment welfare program they can find so they can sponge off of me or probably you too for that matter(handicapped, elderly, even temp. help I can support). Enforce the current laws on immigration, Read and Follow the US Constitution( I’ve never once seen it fog up that glass case it’s in so it can’t be living and breathing).
            And another thing, isn’t the headline for your story a little like throwing out the race card? Why did we need to know you’re the 1st LGBT candidate anyway. Doesn’t score brownie points with me. If you want to be treated like everyone else act like everyone else. Pretty simple to me. You can always pick out the lame one in the herd because it acts differently than the rest.

          • First I respect that you see things like you do. Sorry you lost your job to anyone who would work for less then you did. Sometimes your issues about how big a family is so true. The programs were set up to assist in a emergency not a way of life. As for the government in people’s day to day life we need to allow the government to support laws but not to become Big Brother. As for the title of this story I did not every ask it to be labeled I am who I am not who I sleep with or what my gender id is. I stand for what my for-fathers did a government of the people, by the people and most of all for all people.

  1. Wow….My Mommy said if you cant say something nice….but wow..that is one ..unique..looking person…

  2. I voted for Rev. May in November and will gladly vote for her again. I would like to hear her opinion on the death penalty. I strongly believe if there is irrefutable evidence of a person’s guilt in certain crimes, that the death penalty is both appropriate and very much needed in NC.

  3. Seems to me “Pookie”(gender neutral- stay tuned kiddies, we’ll learn ya a little something) already has a pretty full plate. I’m curious, will “Pookie” identify as a senator if congress person( again non-gender specific… stay tuned) doesn’t feel like that’s where one feels they belong even if it’s obvious to them. Ta da! You like that don’t you?

  4. internet is a great thing , do a little research , tried to find church in Bradley beach and church organization that may was president of . church last known address was a fire dept. denomination she was president of I could not find. did find that may is listed with screen actors guild and as a psychic . has had some non-profit links. most websites linked to may show may as president and have donation links. has anyone or does anyone know about her actual history. where and by whom was may ordained? who granted doctorial? when and where army service? why here from N.J.? folks start looking now before info gets gone. lists include three different states nc.,cali,nj.

    • So first the internet is a great thing if used right. Many churches share space or use public buildings in New Jersey due to the cost of land and the size of the church. I am the former president of The United States New Methodist Episcopal Orthodox Religious Order and Churches which does not have a website but has a very long history starting in 1755.
      I grew up in Bradley Beach, became a Christian at the age of 13 at Bible Baptist Church in Wall New Jersey. I graduated from National Bible Theological Seminary and International Bible School and Seminary of the USNMEORO&C with the following degrees A.A. in Christian Studies, B.A. in Christian Ministry, Th.M. in Christian Leadership, M.S. in Church Law, Ph.D. in Christian Counseling and Th.D in Christian Theology. Next I am a 100% disable US Army Veteran and as for my history in the Army I am a survivor of MST and do not talk openly about my time in service due to the very personal nurture I was Honorably Discharged. I moved here in 1991 to give my family a better life. I moved to Micro Township in 2015 to fulfill a dream of ownership of a small farm. As for the need to hurry I have never removed anything about me even when it was wrong from the internet and have no reason to do it now.

      • Have you lived in this district since 1991?….Where exactly was “here” prior to moving to Micro in 2015?

        • I have lived in 2 states during that time. From 1991 to 1997 I lived in Both Johnston and Harnett County 1997 to 1999 I was in Both NC and NJ In 1999 I went to NJ to take care of my Mother and Grandmother after I went though a break up. After my grandmother passed in 2005 I went back and forth between NJ and Smithfield NC and in 2015 I moved back full time to Johnston County. Like I have said in my posts here I have a open book about my life.

          • Wendy, not trying to pry into personal business but what MOS, what location and when was your “tour of duty”

          • 91-B 1980 ERA State side service Please understand I am a MST survivor and do not talk about my service other then to say 100%disable Veteran who was injured in service.

          • I guess I’ll say thank you for your Service but with all due respect, I’ll be standing in the line on the Right

    • hahaha exactly. anybody can be a “reverend”, or anything else they choose. a friend of mine became an ordained minister while they were drunk. it took all but 20 minutes to fill out the forms online. total joke.

  5. I don’t live in that district but I do want to say this woman has more courage than about 99% of our current so-called representatives. First, for a Yankee to come down and settle in such a rural area takes a LOT of courage, being that many southerners are still ticked off about that whole unpleasantness of 1862-65. Then, to be forthright with her gender/sexuality status is major. Major! Then to espouse political values that are unpopular with the Trump crowd, like honesty, openness, equality. Honesty. And honesty. I wish her all the luck. It’s going to be nasty, no doubt. It seems trump has freed mean people up to be as mean and insulting publicly as they once were privately, calling names, picking on physical appearance, for instance. And disabilities. So I celebrate this woman’s bravery. We need to replace all those who sit by only for a paycheck with citizens committed to our republic’s health. Mazel tov.

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