Live Fish Stolen From Pet Store

CLAYTON – Johnston County deputies are investigating the theft of a fish from a local store.

Around 5:50pm Sunday, April 3rd, officers were dispatched to Petco at 95 Flowers Crossroads Way after an employee of the business reported six juveniles entered the store. One of the juveniles removed a betta fish from a tank and placed it inside his jacket before leaving.

Responding officers located two of the six juveniles walking on Buffalo Road. They contacted their parents but could not locate the stolen fish. Officers are still trying to identify the other four juveniles.

The stolen fish was valued at $20.


  1. The parents in the area of Flowers Plantation must be very proud. One week they’re shooting at at customers and the next week they’re stealing.

    • Why does it have to be the parents? What if they are really trying hard to raise those children? I mean peer pressure is real. Just pray for those children and keep it moving.

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