Lt. Governor Mark Robinson Endorses Benton Sawrey For State Senate

NC Lt. Governor Mark Robinson has endorsed Benton Sawrey for the NC Senate District 10 seat. Contributed photo

CLAYTON – Republican Lt. Governor Mark Robinson endorsed Benton Sawrey in the primary for North Carolina Senate District 10 in Johnston County today.

Robinson stated, “Benton is a real Johnston County conservative. He’s Pro-Life, will defend the Second Amendment, fight CRT and other liberal garbage being taught in our schools, and protect girls’ sports. If you’re tired of outside forces from Washington, DC; New York; and California telling North Carolinians to throw away our conservative values, I hope you will join me in supporting Benton Sawrey.”

In response to Robinson’s endorsement, Benton said, “It is humbling to have the support of North Carolina’s preeminent conservative champion, someone who has been on the front-lines of the fight against the progressive agenda. I look forward to serving with Lt. Governor Robinson in the North Carolina Senate and fighting back against out-of-state, liberal interests and working for common-sense, conservative solutions in North Carolina.”

Lt. Governor Robinson is the first African American to be elected Lieutenant Governor in North Carolina history. He won an eight-way Republican primary in 2020 and prevailed in the general election, despite $8 million spent against him by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. While in office, Lt. Governor Robinson has championed the 2nd Amendment, giving parent’s control over their children’s education, defending law enforcement, election reform, and protecting unborn children.

Benton Sawrey is a Johnston County native and small-town attorney in Smithfield who helps farmers and small businesses navigate transactions and complex regulatory issues. He has represented public interest groups over the past several years on election integrity issues in North Carolina and successfully worked with county officials to bring Johnston County into compliance with the North Carolina Right to Farm Act.


  1. Also take a good look at Matt Ansley for this seat. He is a grassroots conservative not backed by the establishment RINO NCGOP.

    • Enjoying your almost $5 a gallon gas? Your 40 year high inflation? Your semi coherent president? The way we ran out of Afghanistan with our tail between our legs? Draconian and unconstitutional mandates which ruin businesses over a flu bug?

      Nah. Dump liberals.

    • And then left at the cost of 13 American lives and 4 billion in weapons handed over to the same terrorist group that committed 9/11. Guess “Let’s Go Brandon” really played out there, huh?

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