Major Drug Bust Lands Three Behind Bars

BENSON – Three people are behind bars following a major drug bust in southern Johnston County.  The undercover investigation involved narcotic agents with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, Wake County Sheriff’s Office, NC State Bureau of Investigation, and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

On March 30th, agents executed a search warrant at 90 Woodshed Lane, off Highway 242 South.  During the search, 3.5 kilos of cocaine, 2 pounds of marijuana, 9 grams of crystal methamphetamine, ecstasy, 6 handguns, and 1 semi-automatic rifle were located and seized.

Lorenzo Miranda, age 29, of Woodshed Lane, Benson; Victor Reyes Mariano, age 19, of Woodshed Lane, Benson; and Juan Jose Miranda Valencia, age 32, of Benson-Hardee Road, Benson were arrested.

All three suspects face multiple charges including felony trafficking in cocaine, conspiracy to traffic in cocaine and possession with intent to sell or deliver a controlled substance.

Miranda was confined in the Johnston County Jail under a $1,150,000 bond.  Mariano was held under a $1,030,000 bond. Valencia was held on a $1,600,000 secured bond.


  1. Why do they never report on the legal immigration status of these articles? Would be beneficial information.

    • Does Johnston County participate in the 287(g) program? It’s the federal program allows local law enforcement to check the immigration status of arrested suspects, deny them bond if they’re in the US illegally, and turn them over to federal authorities upon the resolution of their criminal cases. Since all three of these individuals were given bond, it would appear that Johnston County does not participate.

      Wake and Durham County sheriffs do not participate anymore.

  2. If you think this is a problem now just wait until millions more come into this country.What in the world are our leaders thinking? I guess they think we must be the international flop house.How in the name of the U.S. taxpayers do they think we can pay for this?

  3. They don’t report it because under this administration everyone is here legally. This is the problem!! We need to close the borders back up and actually regulate who is allowed in our (once great) country.

    • Does Sheriff Bizzell participate in the 287(g) program? This federal program allows law enforcement to check the immigration status of arrested suspects, deny them bond if they’re in the US illegally, and turn them over to federal authorities upon the resolution of their criminal cases. Participation would certainly help identify anyone who is arrested who is in our country illegally.

      • I must be missing something in this article. What makes everyone question the citizenship of these men?

        • These three young men were arrested on drug charges. Each one has an Hispanic name. Therefore, they must be in our country illegally. That must be the assumption that is being made.

          • Yes like Jennifer Lopez or George Lopez. Dozens more but I don’t have time for the stupidity of some of the people here. If you are mad that illegals are here…start with the people who hire them to work…..they are the citizens that you need to worry about.

        • Their names and the fact that they were arrested on drug charges. Illegal immigration in a problem, but automatically assuming someone is an illegal immigrant simply based on their last name is just wrong.

          The people who jump to those conclusions need to look at census data for Johnston County.

          • No they need to look in the mirror and ask themselves some tough questions about what they’re looking at.

  4. Unless you are a Native American, your original ancestor really had no right to come and take over land that was already inhabited by millions of people. The government and white Europeans slaughtered them, killed them with diseases they had no ability to fight off, and those that did survive, they “relocated” to reservations that are worse than any inner city slum or rural Appalachian meth town.

    • I’m a native. I was born here. My ancestors came over in the 1600s.

      However, my ancestors came here and built a great nation. This new breed of “immigrant” comes here in violation of established law and seeks to ruin and destroy, not build.

      I’m proud of my ancestors and what they built. I do not suffer from “white guilt.” The story of this nation is as old as humanity and every culture is guilty of it. Lands change hands over time. Deal with it.

      • Buddy I’m sorry but just because you might have a little native blood in you doesn’t put you in the same category that ncsweatpea is talking about . The natives owned this land and your ancestors took it but in these days they wouldn’t dare try it again .

        • I was being sarcastic. I’m a native because I was born here.

          And yes, I’m proud of my ancestors. You have reaped the benefit since you’re here as well.


    • Filled with socialist propaganda are we? Exploration brought trade and progress. Are you saying you are against progress? Does the DNC know? Remember, those who came here got as bad as they gave. Should everyone go to their land of heritage and ignore each other. That’s childish.

  5. It’s pathetic how it is assumed that anyone with a Hispanic sounding name must automatically not be a US citizen. No wonder tRump feels welcome here. Ignorance isn’t patriotic.

  6. Whoa, I’m totally astonished by this. Wait, no I’m not! Johnston County has become a drug and crime mecca. My point, more people more problems and we just keep packin’ in like rats! #misanthrope

  7. Names do not matter. Actions is what determines the opinion of people. The immigrants coming here now most cannot speak our language mush less know our custom. Have they planned a job. Do they know where they are going to live. Do they know how they are going to sustain themselves. Or are they depending upon the Government to provide for them. And how long can we the tax payers keep paying to keeping them up. Somebody somewhere needs to start to think with their common sense and first provide for those whom have paid into the Government for their retirement and stop giving it to illegal immigrants and lazy people who don’t want to work. Wake up people. We need someone as President to look after the American citizens first and not treat us as if the government gives us something. The government gives us nothing. We have earn our retirement by paying into the social security fund. Our May net does not belong to the government. They only use it until we retire and start to draw on it. Makes me so mad when the government calls our social security retirement a handout from the government when it is our money they are using for other programs. Are you mad as I am.

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