Man Arrested For Trespassing 13th Time At Same Church

1,838 total days spent behind bars and counting

Elton Eugene Bryant of Angier was released from prison last Tuesday, June 12th after spending 429 consecutive days behind bars for trespassing at a Johnston County church in 2017 . It was his 12th arrest and conviction for the same offense.

On Sunday, 5 days after his release from prison, Bryant returned to the same church and was arrested for his 13th trespassing offense.

Bryant has previously been convicted 12 times since April 2012 for trespassing at the Piney Grove Chapel Baptist Church on Piney Grove Road off Highway 210 in western Johnston County.

Bryant has spent as few as 1 day in jail to as many as 467 consecutive days behind bars following each arrest or conviction.

Johnston County deputies and church members were aware Bryant has been released from prison last week. Court records show that almost immediately after each release from prison he returns to Piney Grove Church, where he has allegedly threatened and stalked the pastor and church members.

Around 9:30am Sunday, Bryant showed up at Piney Grove Church and was immediately taken into custody by a deputy who was on patrol in the area.

As of today (Tuesday), Bryant has spent a total of 1,838 days in jail serving time or awaiting trial for trespassing at Piney Grove Church.  Since the trespassing issues began in 2012, Bryant has spent 60 of those 74 months in a jail cell.

Bryant was booked into jail Sunday on a second degree trespassing charge and held under a $500 bond.  In his previous 12 arrests, Bryant never attempts to post bail. He simply spends his days in jail awaiting trial. He has not caused any issues as a prisoner.

No one knows exactly why he has been targeting the church since April 2012.  It is located about 2-1/2 miles away from his Johnston County home that straddles the Harnett County line.

The cost to incarcerate Bryant has now exceeded $103,000.

Today (Tuesday), Bryant remains in the Johnston County Jail awaiting trial next month on his 13th arrest. No matter what sentence a judge might hand down, many believe that once Bryant is released from jail he will immediately return to the church again.