Man Arrested For Stealing Water

A Four Oaks man is facing criminal charges after he allegedly stole water from Johnston County Public Utilities.

Public utility officials said they had experienced such frequent meter tampering incidents at a home on Rosie Drive a public utilities worker went by each week to check on the meter.

On Monday the technician reportedly discovered the meter had been tampered with once again.

Altogether, a total of $1,460 in county water had been stolen at the address. Officials did not release the actual amount of water taken.

Clifford Thomas Allen Jr., 27, of Rosie Drive, was charged with illegally reconnecting a utility meter and injury to property. He was given a $1,500 bond on the two misdemeanor offenses.

According to Chandra Cox Farmer, Director of Johnston County Public Utilities, the county had about 45 incidents of meter tampering in the last year. Farmer said it also includes tampers during new home construction as well as existing service connections.  Farmer said it represents a very small percentage of more than 34,000 metered services in the county.