Man Charged In Swimming Pool Repair Scam

Authorities have arrested a suspect they allege scammed a Johnston County woman out of $2,700 in a repair scam.

In June 2019, a Clayton woman was needing repairs made to her swimming pool.  She saw an ad on Facebook for an individual who said his job was repairing pools.  The victim responded to the ad and after meeting with the individual agreed to pay him $2,000 up front for a new pool liner.

According to reports, the suspect, 31 year-old Ryan Thomas Harte of Hillsborough, NC drained out the water and removed the old pool liner.  Harte then allegedly claimed he misquoted the cost of the pool liner and he needed $700 more to complete the work.   Authorities said the victim gave Harte the additional $700 but after several weeks never returned to do the work.

When the victim was able to finally speak with Harte he reportedly gave multiple reasons why he hadn’t returned to complete the job.  The victim then checked with a legitimate pool business and found out a replacement liner for her pool was only $1,200.

Ryan Harte was arrested on October 31st by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office and charged with obtaining property by false pretense, a felony.  At last report, the victim has not been able to recover the money she reportedly paid Harte for the pool repairs.