Man Charged With Taking Indecent Liberties With Child

A 25 year-old Four Oaks man has been arrested for allegedly taking indecent liberties with a small child.  The incident was reported on January 28th to the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.

Last Thursday, deputies arrested Jonathan Cole Langdon of Mulberry Road on two felony counts.  The alleged offenses involved a female victim under the age of 10.

Langdon was jailed under a $70,000 bond. No additional details were released because the case involved a juvenile.



  1. 70 thousand bond for raping a baby yet someone who sells drugs to someone that want to buy them gets a 250 thousand bond makes sense huh I don’t image a 10 year old wants to be raped

  2. There should be NO Bond for Anyone who hurts or molest a child & if one is given it should Never be under a million dollars CASH!
    Our courts, laws, judges etc.. Should stand up & be the voices for these children! It’s time to be tougher on these molesters & be more protective over these children’s abusers so they get the message that harming a child in any way will not be tolerated!!

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