Man Doused With Gasoline And Set On Fire

GOLDSBORO – A 27 year-old Wayne County man is in the Burn Center at UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill after being set on fire.  Two people have been charged with the incident. A third suspect is being sought on outstanding warrants.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office said it happened on the night of April 12 on Brandywine Drive outside of Goldsboro.  Three men, Carlton Forte, Rayshon Rowe, and Bailey Hair allegedly confronted the victim, accusing the victim of a possible criminal act. 

According to a press release, Forte and Hair became irate and began punching the victim, Shane Whitley.  Rowe then jumped in after Whitley fell to the ground and all three began to kick and stomp the victim.    

Rowe reportedly went to his truck and grabbed a gas can and poured gasoline on Whitley. Hair then took a cigarette lighter and set Whitley on fire.  

Witnesses ran into a home and filled a trash can with water as Whitley rolled on the ground attempting to put out the fire. Witnesses dumped the water on the victim extinguishing the fire. Mr. Whitley was rushed by EMS to Wayne UNC Health and then transported to the Burn Center. 

At last report, the third suspect, Bailey Hair, age 19, is still at large. Once located he will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury with intent to kill, first degree burglary, assault on a handicapped person, and felony larceny.

Anyone with information on Bailey Hair’s whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office or your nearest law enforcement agency.


  1. Speechless. If convicted, they should be knocked to the ground, stomped then set on fire. The witnesses should be the victims family who have the option to dump water on them, or not.

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