Man Found Passed Out On Toilet Arrested

A man reportedly found passed out while sitting on a toilet inside a convenience store restroom was arrested by responding officers. On Saturday, March 13th at 10:07pm, Johnston County deputies were dispatched to the Speedway at 5179 Highway 42 West, near the intersection of I-40 in the Cleveland community. An employee told officers the man had been in a restroom stall for an hour and they heard him snoring.

Officers arrived and located a man in the stall having a difficult time breathing. Deputies had to make forced entry through the stall door to get to 30 year-old Joshua Michael Bomar of Jeribec Drive, Willow Spring. Deputies were able to awaken Bomar and during a search allegedly found a smoking pipe, a bag of hypodermic needles and 4.3 grams of suspected heroin in his possession.

Officers were concerned Bomar may have overdosed and had an EMS unit dispatched to the scene, however he declined medical treatment.

Bomar was transported to the Johnston County Jail and charged with felony possession with intent to manufacture sell or deliver heroin. He was given a $15,000 secured bond. site sexy babe rubs pussy solo. xxx malayalam


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