Man Found Running Beside Highway With Stolen Rifle

A Benson man arrested while running with a stolen rifle in his hands allegedly claimed he was on the way to the victim’s home to return the weapon.

Monday morning, the victim reported a Ruger rifle disappeared from his residence on Morgan Road near Benson while a landscaping company was there cutting grass.  The victim reported the theft to Johnston County deputies then allegedly called the suspect, 30 year-old Anthony Dean Redick of T-Bar Road. The victim alleged that Redick admitted over the phone to the theft.

While Johnston County deputies were on Morgan Road taking a report about the stolen rifle, Harnett County authorities were responding to a report of a person running beside the roadway with a rifle.  Harnett deputies located Redick and the stolen rifle.

Redick allegedly claimed he was driving to the victim’s home to return the rifle when his vehicle broke down so he started running to return the weapon.

Redick was charged with larceny of a firearm, a felony. He was given a $2,000 bond. The rifle was recovered and returned to its owner.