Man Indicted For Stalking

A former Johnston County man has been indicted on multiple counts of stalking.

James Robert Matyas, 54, of Daytona Beach, Florida was indicted by a Johnston County Grand Jury this month. He had previously been arrested on the charges in August.

Matyas had reportedly lived in Selma, NC and Sharpsburg, NC before moving to Florida. While living in the Johnston County area he allegedly met the victim.

Authorities contend Matyas made numerous threatening comments on social media towards the victim, even claiming he was in Smithfield and knew where the victim worked.  Other threats were communicated by telephone, messages on an answering machine, cell phone, voice mail messages, and email.

The victim in the case feared for her personal safety, the safety of her family and close personal associates. Court documents contend Matyas actions caused substantial emotional distress by placing the victim in fear of continued harassment, bodily injury and death.

Superior Court documents also allege Matyas continued to contact the victim even after a Restraining Order was issued against him by a Johnston County District Court Judge in 2016.

Matyas was indicted on 7 felony counts of stalking and one count of communicating threats.