Man Stole From Elderly Blind Woman, JCSO Says

FOUR OAKS – A Four Oaks man is facing criminal charges after he allegedly stole money from a blind 80 year-old woman.   The victim and suspect knew one another.

On August 19th, authorities said the elderly victim was with 62 year-old Bernice Lee Adams of Hummingbird Road when he went to an ATM machine to withdraw cash.  The victim reportedly asked Adams if he was using her debit card to withdraw the money.   Adams reportedly ensured the woman he was using his own personal debit card.

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office reported that Adams actually used the blind woman’s debit card, not his own, to make two $20 withdrawals. 

Adams was arrested August 30th and charged with financial card fraud and obtaining property by false pretense.  He was given a $10,000 secured bond on the two felony offenses.


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