Man Arrested After Trying To Sell Stolen School Property

BENSON – Johnston County deputies say a man attempted to sell stolen property belonging to Johnston County Public Schools. A citizen saw the Facebook listing and notified authorities.

Clinton Keith Barefoot, 29, of Bend of the River Road, Dunn is charged with felony attempting to obtain property by false pretense and misdemeanor larceny.

On June 18th, Johnston County Public Schools reported a Verizon wi-fi jetpack assigned to Benson Elementary School had been listed for sale online. The photo clearly showed the phone number of Benson Elementary on the device, according to the report. The device had been assigned to a student at the school for home learning.

Barefoot was arrested June 28th and held on a $40,000 bond.

At last report, the $200 jetpack had not been recovered.


  1. This was Def bs charges 🙄 and the bond hideous and no one knows the real story the news coverage got it all wrong 🤣 but 40,000 for a 200 device but a 10,000 bond for someone with 18 gs of dope you don’t see them on here… messed up system.

  2. I hope he pulls time
    The said item was stolen from my grandson as he was a live in boyfriend of his mom…..

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