Mark Lane Files For Johnston County School Board

Mark Lane (right) and his wife Cynthia Withrow Lane (left).

SMITHFIELD – Mark Lane of Smithfield filed Tuesday for a seat on the Johnston County Board of Education. Lane ran an unsuccessful campaign for the school board two years ago.

“After an unsuccessful bid in 2020 for a seat on the Johnston County School Board I promised my friends and supporters I would file again in 2022.  Today, I have fulfilled that promise by filing again for a seat on the Johnston County School Board. I have reevaluated my platform and Campaign tactics and today I return as a stronger, smarter, and better candidate.”

“First, we need more accountability in our school system. I intend to hold everyone accountable from the superintendent to the school administrators for the poor test scores and the unsatisfactory drop out rate. I intend to put these same people on notice until test scores are satisfactory, and the dropout rate is lowered to an acceptable level. It is these people’s job to have a plan that works and to put our schools back in the top 10% in our state.  If progress is not made in a timely fashion, I will push to have these people reevaluated and possibly replaced by someone who can get the job done,” Lane said.

“Second is the need for more schools. With the huge growth that is taking place in Johnston County, school  construction is years behind. Schools that have recently opened were at or above capacity before any student ever walked through the doors. We can thank past school boards for not being proactive and helping cause this once correctable problem. Land for new schools should have been purchased years ago, instead now we must pay a much larger price. The county commissioners are sitting on a huge fund balance that is growing yearly. It is their duty to fund our schools and, in my opinion, help with school construction. The county should purchase land for new schools with the fund balance. Unfortunately, school construction will have to come from a school bond. Developers should be made to help fund school construction but thanks to our General Assembly this will not happen. The need for schools is growing fast. Unfortunately, a school bond is the only answer.”

“Third is school safety. During my campaign in 2020 I asked for a school resource officer to be placed in every school. As of today, that has not happened. School safety policies and plans need to be reevaluated and changes need to be made to the current plans. I witnessed a flaw in the policies myself when a back entrance was left opened and unmanned during an actual school lockdown.”

“Fourth is school funding. The county commissioners fully funded the school system this past budget year. If there is a need for additional funds this budget year, it is the fault of the school board and the school finance office. Since funding should not be a problem, we need to look for areas of wasted funds. These wasted funds should be removed and placed in programs to help our teachers educate our students.”

“Teachers pay and classified pay are also areas that need improving. Hopefully, the new pay schedule that is in place will help some of the strain on our school employees.”

“Vocational classes need to be expanded and trades need to be taught for the students that are not going to college. The firefighter program is a tremendous success and I commend the school system for implementing it, but more programs are needed,” Mr. Lane said.

Mr. Lane is a lifelong resident of Smithfield and lives on his family farm where he grew up. He is married to Cynthia Withrow Lane and both Mark and Cynthia are graduates of Smithfield Selma High School. They have four children who also are graduates of Smithfield Selma High School. They have six grandchildren with four of those in the Johnston County School System.

Mark attended East Carolina University and NC State University and returned home to operate his  family greenhouse business which has expanded to include a lawn maintenance business.

Mark retired from the Smithfield Fire Department in 2006 after serving 23 years as a volunteer firefighter. Presently, Mark is Chairman of the Smithfield Fire Tax Committee, Vice Chairman of the Smithfield Planning Board, and Vice Chairman of the Smithfield Board of Adjustments. Mark also is a past member of the South Smithfield Elementary School Advisory committee.


  1. Parents are concerned with how their children are being treated and what they are being taught. Mr. Lane mentions neither. I want a candidate that will protect the freedom of children and their parents to make medical decisions, and ensure that accurate and unbiased education is occurring. Funding should be WITHHELD if those two things are not guaranteed, regardless of what the progressive bureaucrats dictate from Raleigh.

  2. You said “ It is these people’s job to have a plan that works and to put our schools back in the top 10% in our state. If progress is not made in a timely fashion, I will push to have these people reevaluated and possibly replaced by someone who can get the job done” lol that’s a joke First off the time is over there is no more time to give . So basically you will get up there and let more time go by ? Day 1 the job needs to be done and changes made . Here we go again with another candidate willing to waste more time smh. Also who are you gonna replace them with? You get what you pay for and with one of the lowest teacher pay in the state you want get to much better . Then you say build more schools and I agree with that but look once becky flowers and Fred smith and dicky braswell and them guys find the next big housing development they build then they will stick a brand new better then any other school right in the middle of their development which will only help them sale their houses and double the prices. They will use our tax money to benefit their pockets . I honestly think your not ready for the job mr lane Great ideas and put on a good talk but the board and the commissioners will eat you alive . We need someone that we know will fight and we know will have the best interests of our kids and teachers . We need someone young that can relate to our teachers these days and students. I think mr lane needs to step to the side and focus on what party he is really in and let someone that is not political put up the fight for our teachers , student, and staff . Your already talking about stepping on peoples feet which is fine but remember it takes more than one vote to get anything done . We need someone who can sit the board down and can get everyone on the same page.

  3. I see 2 candidates that I’m pretty sure can do the job and those 2 candidates I’m voting for will be George M. Brewer and Kevin Donovan. We needs board members like these guys some one we know who are not talking good just to get our votes or went out in the last year just to do things just to take pictures with whoever just so they build a profile hoping to fool us into voting for them We need someone who we can honestly say this candidate really cares about the future of these kids in Johnston county . We all as voters need to be smart this year. It’s in our hands to pick a solid board. 3 seats are up and We need more Ronald johnson’s on the board and I think with George and Kevin we will get them. George even mentions on his page that he basically wants the same Mr. Ronald Johnson wants and he aligns himself with him. Let’s just be smart voters this year and let’s put our teachers,students , and staff first

    • We need people who will stand up for parents rights over their children, will not vote for masks under any circumstances and will end tracking, tracing and quarantine. Someone who stood up for their own personal freedoms and liberties over the past 2 years. Someone who says NO to mandatory, experimental jabs on our kids and staff. Someone who doesn’t think they know more than the parents or thinks they are a medical professional by pushing masks, vax etc. someone who will stand up and say no to CRT/SEL in our schools.

  4. Mr. Ronald Johnson needs to be the voice of leadership moving forward. Its time to take back and undo the years of left wing subversive political tactics If San Francesco who just recalled 3 un-American dems from their school board surely we can correct the past mistakes of dem voters in this county.

  5. Looks like Mr. Lane figured out wearing blue in Johnston county would not get him elected so he put on a red jacket and hat. Lets hope the voters don’t fall for it

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