Medlin Files For Four Oaks Mayor

After 18 years as mayor, Linwood Parker will not seek reelection

Four Oaks Town Commissioner Vic Medlin has filed for the office of Mayor.   Medlin formally filed Wednesday afternoon at the Johnston County Board of Elections Office in Smithfield. 

Four Oaks Mayor Linwood Parker (left) announced this week he would not seek re-election. Mayor Pro Tem Vic Medlin (right) filed for the mayoral seat Wednesday. 2018 Johnston County Report File Photo

Earlier this week Mayor Linwood Parker announced he would not seek another term in office. 

Medlin has served 20 years as a town commissioner and currently is the mayor pro tem.  Medlin said he wants to help the town grow.

“The direction the town is going currently, it is growing at a rapid pace. My main concern is sewer capacity. We are revitalizing the downtown area. It is an exciting time we are going through in the next few years and I want to be a part of that.”

Mayor Parker has served the Town for 34 years. He was first elected in 1977 to the town council and for the past 18 years has been mayor.  He says he wants to devote more time to an alliance with the Town of Dunn and economic development.  Combined with the demand of the alliance and his business, Parker said he will no longer have adequate time to devote to the mayoral duties.    


  1. Finally! Now we just have to keep Medlin from winning so the shady backroom deals and the good ol boys club go with Porky. Maybe we can bust up the fire dept buddies on the town payroll disguised as public works employees. Everybody knows that dept is a joke with a director not even qualified for the position. He gets to double dip drawing 2 salaries thru the town. That fancy expensive town truck provided to him fully equipped with strobe lights so he can answer fire calls while neglecting the public works dept. But I’m just a regular tax paying resident and it’s none of my business…

    • Reasons like this are why I tried to run and was turned away for not being within city limits.
      Guess we wont be seeing a change unless someone within the city limits decides to run against him.

    • Amy, if that is your real name. Come on down to the Four Oaks Fire Department and join! We are always looking for members that have new views and great ideas. That way you can help your community in a positive way instead of trying to spread information you do not know about. Also, just this past week I have given a little over 40 hours to our great community for FREE! With over 70 VOLUNTEERS Four Oaks fire department saves our community a lot of money. I will be looking forward to you picking up an application!

  2. Went to run for Mayor today unfortunately I am 5 mins outside city limits. Still a resident of the town and active in our community.

  3. Only in Four Oaks can you get paid as a full time fire chief and full time public works director. I’m sure that 80k+ Ford F250 is much needed for those hard to reach areas around town. Just like the fancy drug dog is needed for the rampant drug problems. I’m also sure every one of the fire dept guys working for the town under this fire chief went thru the standard hiring process that was open to the public and were deemed as the most qualified candidate. Definitely the one in particular that is on social security disability. A group of concerned citizens has been gathering information for some time and staying in contact with the SBI. We know all the places these people end up when they are supposed to be working and what they are doing instead of working.

    • Just to get the facts correct there “Amy Holland” I Ford F-250 on state contract is less than 1/2 of what you have stated above. That is public information just like everyone’s pay. You ever thought about equipment that has to be pulled? You surly can not pull a trailer with a Ford Explorer. Also, it’s funny that you say you are in contact with the SBI. Unless you are in law enforcement you must go through local law enforcement and not the SBI. I hope all the people in the community are reading the false information from both “Amy’s” in this article. Folks do your on homework and see that there are several keyboard Warriors on here that will not even post their real names.

  4. This person is clearly part of the problem and not the solution. Funny how former public works director Charles Hardee got by just fine with an actual WORK truck. File a FOIA request with the town and ask for information about all the positions posted to the public and number of applicants that applied for each one within the last 10 years. Let’s see how many new hires were on the fire dept before becoming town employees. Im sure absolutely no connection with ****************** getting permits streamlined and rezoning easily changed with code variances modified as needed.
    It would almost seem like a keyboard warrior would have to be amongst the ranks to know all this factual information.

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