Mom Accused Of Abandoning Baby On Front Porch

A 23 year-old mother is facing child abuse charges after she reportedly left her baby on the front porch of a home unsupervised. The incident happened on East Rose Street in Smithfield.

Smithfield Police allege Alysia Haywood of Kenly dropped off her infant around 4:55pm Tuesday leaving the child in a restraint-style seat on the front porch of the home.  Police allege the child was alone for at least 5 minutes before it was found by an adult.

Police said the father of the child lived at the address but he claimed Haywood never notified him the baby had been dropped off or was on the porch.  Police said the child was less than a year old. The infant was turned over to the custody of another family member.

Haywood was located and charged with misdemeanor child abuse.  She was released on a $500 bond pending a July 17th court appearance.

The Department of Social Services was notified of the incident.   The baby was not harmed.