Mom Arrested On Bus Responds Says She Was Defending Daughter

A Benson mother who was arrested after she got on her child’s bus says she had reasons for talking to the bus driver.

Alonda Hicks, 31, was charged with trespassing and communicating threats after getting on her daughter’s bus. According to reports, she yelled at the child who she said was picking on her daughter. Ms. Hicks said all her comments were directed at the bus driver.

She said last Tuesday afternoon her 10-year-old Four Oaks Elementary School daughter and some other children got off the bus and told her what was going on.

“She (a Four Oaks Middle School student) pulled my niece’s braid out and she was throwing paper at my daughter and saying racist things like black people belong in Africa,” Ms. Hicks said.

“Remind you, I have been to the school several times about my daughter on the bus,” she said. “I have to call Donna Moore (principal) every week or two about my daughter on this bus. I have been on the bus plenty of times and none of this ever occurred.”

She said she talked to the bus driver, not the student.

“I told her she had better talk to her students,” Ms. Hicks said. “I did tell that bus driver, what if somebody snatched her a** off the bus. I didn’t say it to the students.

“I know my little girl is not making this up. When I was walking away I saw she (the middle school student) had a ball of paper taking it up front to the bus driver,” she said.

Ms. Hicks said that same afternoon she told Ms. Moore what had happened. She said the principal told her there was nothing to be done until the next day.

Ms. Hicks said the next day, “My daughter told me Ms. Donna Moore yelled in my baby’s face.”

She said her daughter was suspended for 10 days for switching seats on the bus.

About an hour later, the law came and arrested her. She says she intends to fight the charge and has people willing to go to court on her behalf.

“My daughter has been wrote up so many times. She has no problems at school. She’s an A/B honor roll student. It’s just on this bus,” Ms. Hicks said. “They call my baby trash on the bus. The little Mexican boy, they pick on her. They make racist comments. The elementary kids are way in the back. Something has to be done about Four Oaks Elementary.”

She said the incident and the publicity that has followed has taken a toll.

“I lost my job after it. I’m in the news. I’m all over the internet,” she said. “There’s always two sides of the story.”   Story courtesy The Daily Record