Mom Charged With Child Abuse After Being Found Unconscious, Children Unattended

A 32 year-old Johnston County mother is facing criminal charges after she was reportedly found unconscious in a car in the driveway of her home with her two small children unattended in the residence.

Authorities said they received a report on March 5th of a woman slumped over behind the wheel of a car in front of a residence on Gower Circle in the Leachburg Place Subdivision in Cleveland.  When deputies arrived they said a woman, later identified as Sarah Allison Linder, was unconscious in a locked vehicle.  After several minutes, deputies were able to alert Linder to their presence but she refused to open the door.  Eventually deputies were able to convince Linder to exit the vehicle, at which time they located four cans of aerosol computer duster. One can appeared to have just been used.

Deputies believe Linder inhaled the aerosol can until becoming unconscious in her car.  EMS responded to the scene to treat Linder.

Deputies said they found an 8 month-old girl in a bedroom and a 3 year-old girl in the living room of the home. Both were unattended.

Linder was charged with child abuse and inhaling toxic vapors.  She was given a $25,000 bond.

The Johnston County Department of Social Services is assisting with the case.