Mother Flees From Accident Leaving Twins Trapped Inside

CLAYTON – Clayton Police responded to a single vehicle accident late-Saturday on Boling Street near the intersection of Robin Lane. Police said a 2010 Honda Accord was operating at excessive speed when it ran off the road, struck a tree, and overturned in the roadway.

The driver and owner of the vehicle was identified as Jasmine Hall, age 22. As officers began arriving at the scene, Hall reportedly fled on foot, leaving her two infant 9 month-old twins trapped inside the overturned car hanging almost upside down in their car seats.

Hall fled on foot behind a residence on Flamingo Drive and jumped in a pond. Two Clayton Police officers gave chase and were able to locate a nearby boat and rescue her from the pond.

Two other Clayton officers were able to cut the children out their car seats and get them out of the vehicle as Johnston County EMS and Clayton Fire arrived at the scene.

Hall and the two infants were transported to Wake Med in Raleigh where they were hospitalized for their injuries. Their conditions were stable at last check but one of the children possibly has some bleeding on the brain.

Hall has been charged with two counts of felony child endangerment. More charges are expected pending completion of the accident investigation.

“Our officers response and subsequent immediate actions were instrumental in possibly saving lives in this incident. They are to be commended for their efforts,” said Clayton Police Chief Greg Tart.

Boling Street was shut down for over an hour as a result of the accident and water rescue.


  1. What has become of people today? So sad. I feel so much of it has to do with upbringing and family life.

  2. How sorry is a Mother to leave her 2 9 month old babies in a wrecked car not knowing if they were hurt. She doesn’t need to have custody of her children… I feel so sorry for the children…. She should be punished to the MAX time Possible…

  3. How terrible. I hope those kids can get somewhere where they belong and are cared for. Their mother sure doesn’t seem to care for them. Wow.

  4. I don’t understand this at all. How the f**k can you leave your children to save your own sorry a** self. This sh*t is unfathomable.

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