Report: Naked Man Was Running Around Neighborhood Near School Bus Stop

KENLY – A 41 year-old man is facing charges after he was reportedly found naked and running around a neighborhood.

It happened around 6:40am Friday, Sept. 29th in the 1300 block of Princeton-Kenly Road

The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office arrived and arrested Jeremy Shane Barbour of Pikeville on a misdemeanor indecent exposure charge.

Deputies said they received a call from a concerned citizen who saw a nude male in the vicinity of children waiting at their school bus stop. The citizen called law enforcement, then gave the man a sheet to cover himself with until officers arrived.

Barbour later admitted to using illicit narcotics prior to the incident, according to officials. He was released from jail on a $500 bond.

There was no information or evidence the children at the bus stop saw Barbour.


  1. You see folks there was a reason he was acting unusual, once the drugs wore off things were fine.  Don’t listen to these people that claim crime is up under President Biden and look at the Democrat crime report that shows crimes are down.  People don’t follow your gut feelings with all of the negative news that comes from Fox News your gut feelings are going to feel that the world is collapsing around you, just go the Bidenomics government website and look up the criteria that you are worried about and then you can relax when seeing in black and white printed numbers showing how well we are doing under President Biden.  I know Fox News will say well they have found Cocaine in the White House, well who doesn’t use a little coke now days?  Just take a look at the JOCO Mug Shots on a daily basis and you will be relieved we are living in a changing world!
    Vote Blue until we are through!!

      • He is your typical maga joco voter which is so sad. Ignorant to the core. I don’t know a lot of criminals, but the ones I do know that are in to politics at all – lean republican. This is still a mostly red county. My neighbors who have Hispanic last names are even registered Republicans – because guess what – most are Catholic. The average ignorant joco resident just ignores that fact and assumes all Hispanics are illegal and/or would vote for a Democrat. Just like they think anyone with an alcohol or addiction problem surely must be a Democrat. Betty Ford started the Betty Ford clinic and she was a Republican. Addiction to any substance does not care what political party you are, nor does it care if someone is rich or poor. It is a mental health issue not a political issue in the sense of how someone with addiction votes. I don’t know this persons political stance and it doesn’t matter. What matters is he gets help for what sounds like mental health/ addiction issues. He could vote for Trump and I would still want him to get the help he needs because I believe we all deserve medical care. The healthier our society is as a whole, the better off we all are.

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