Naked Suspect In 115 MPH Car Chase Attacks County Jailors

Two jailors at the Johnston County Jail were injured while attempting to subdue an unruly inmate on Sunday.

The inmate,  Michael David Kaufman, 36, of Alexandria, Virginia had been arrested hours earlier by Kenly Police for a chase that reached speeds of 115 mph on I-95.

Kenly Police Lt. Casey Jones was on patrol around midnight Saturday and reportedly spotted a car on S. Church Street traveling 65 mph in a 35 mph zone during a heavy rainstorm.  When the officer attempted to stop the driver, later identified as Kaufman, he sped away. The chase continued onto I-95 southbound reaching speeds of 115 mph in a 55 mph construction zone near Bagley Road.  The driver then turned off his headlights and continued southbound at 115 mph.

Lt. Jones lost sight of the vehicle and called off the pursuit.   Minutes later, Kaufman was spotted at the Micro Mini Mart on US 301 in Micro. When Kaufman spotted officers he removed his clothing and while naked attempted to flee on foot. He was quickly captured.

Around 8:00pm last night in the county jail, Kaufman reportedly began throwing objects.  When jailors began to approach the unruly prisoner he allegedly began swinging his fists at the two officers. During a scuffle, one officer fell striking a metal railing and a second officer was bitten in the wrist.

Kaufman was subsequently charged with two counts of assault on a government official.   The officers injuries were not serious.

Kaufman is also facing charges from the Kenly police pursuit including felony fleeing to elude arrest, speeding 115 mph in a 55 mph construction zone, and reckless driving.