Narcotic Agents Arrest Smithfield Man

Narcotic agents with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Smithfield man following a search of his home. 

Charles Jordon Penny, 29, of Brogden School Road, was charged with trafficking methamphetamine, maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On July 7th, probation officers requested narcotic agents assist with a search of Penny’s residence. During the search, 68 grams of liquid, suspected to be methamphetamine, a digital scale, and drug paraphernalia was allegedly found. Penny was held on a $45,000 secured bond at the Johnston County Jail.


  1. A whole 68 grams? Glad we got this mega criminal off our streets.

    For f**k’s sake, why are we wasting taxpayer money on non-violent crimes? The drug war is a failure. Let’s catch real criminals instead.

    • Yeah, let’s quit going after these drug crimes and go after real crimes like stealing……oh wait most of the people that are stealing are doing so to have money for drugs.

      • Then arrest them for stealing. What’s so difficult to understand?

        But just having drugs for your own use and aren’t forcing anyone else into doing it should not be a crime.

      • Drug use is usually indicative of other underlying personal, familial, and/or mental health issues.

        Drug use should really be treated as a mental health issue. Treatment and education are the compassionate and fiscally responsible option when compared to incarceration.

        Prisons and jails have proven to do more harm than good for people with mental health issues that are exacerbated by hard drug use.

  2. 68 Grams is way more than personal use. This drug has destroyed a lot of families and for anyone to say this is not criminal is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.

    • “68 grams is way more than personal use.” Two questions about that. 1-How exactly do you know that? 2-Who are you to decide what’s personal use for someone other than yourself?

      So saying this wasn’t criminal is “one of the dumbest thing you ever heard”? How so? Also, who was he hurting? Who was the actual victim of him having these drugs?

      No victim, no crime. Saying that someone is a criminal because they are in possession of something that you don’t like that isn’t hurting anyone else is one of the dumbest thing I ever heard.

      • im sorry but many people will disagree. the chemicals creating the drugs are extremely toxic, to the house, to any pets, to any ONE that comes in contact. Working in the mental health field i see what the methamphetamines does and who it hurts. come to a hospital some time. go jocoso!

  3. If drug use is a mental health disorder then 75 percent of Johnston County should be labeled as crazy.

    • Having a mental health disorder doesn’t make you crazy.

      And as someone who doesn’t use meth, I have no idea what amount of the drug is acceptable for personal use. However, knowing what I know about Tobacco, no two people have the same habit. No two people consume the same amount of tobacco in an a year. I assume that is the same for all drugs, including meth. Who are you to decide that for a person? After all, he wasn’t charged with selling or distribution of narcotics.

      With that said if someone is caught with a large amount of narcotics should it taken from them? Yes.

      If someone has a fatal OD as a result of purchasing his toilet grade meth should he be charged and convicted with a degree of murder? Yes.

      People are always going to consume drugs. Some people are always going manufactur drugs. There isn’t anything the US government can do about, and rightfully so. If someone kills themselves in their pursuit of perceived happiness, who is the government to intervene? If I want to jump out a perfectly good airplane with a parachute stepped to my back and risk my life who is the government to intervene?

      The justice system is a sledge hammer when instead compassion and education are the real and only true answer to curbing drug abuse. The drug war has failed and is at least in part a major component driving wars around the globe.

      Secure our borders. Invest in drug detection technologies. Shutdown multinational criminal drug syndicates. But sending the end drug user to Criminal University, aka Jail/Prison, is only teaching them new skill sets to further their drug addictions and saddling them lifelong consequences and stigmas thus hindering a return to normalcy.

      The justice system is supposed to contain and rehabilitate. All we see them do though is re-train and recidivate.

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