OPINION: A Look At The State Of America

President Joe Biden delivering The State of the Union address on March 1, 2022. Source: WhiteHouse.gov

By Ray Nothstine
Carolina Journal

President Biden’s State of the Union Address represents much of America today, a meandering belief in big government that’s woefully short on economic coherence. Yet, the state of the union is pretty evident to most. The high inflation caused by obscene government spending and the skyrocketing gas prices could have been avoided. Sadly, those with lower incomes are left to suffer most, as they decide what essentials to forego on a weekly or even daily basis. On top of that, the nation’s cultural fabric is rapidly disintegrating as the citizenry no longer agrees on a shared American ethos.

Perhaps most depressing is the economic incoherence and the misguided belief government can cure our ills. Biden says he will fix inflation by doubling down on the inflationary policies of more and more government spending, this at a time when the U.S. recently surpassed $30 trillion in debt. “I have a better plan to fight inflation. Lower your costs, not your wages,” declared Biden. Immediately after that line, Biden advocated for protectionist policies, more spending proposals, and even price controls.

“From a collapsing southern border to record inflation that has now reached a 40-year high, rising crime rates to collapsing credibility within the international community, no matter where you turn, the consequences of President Biden’s failures are more visible than ever,” declared U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., in response to Biden.

Biden’s election mainly resulted from Donald Trump fatigue, yet his ambitious and profligate spending policies only wreak havoc on ordinary Americans. Instead of choosing to unite the country under a more moderate course, left-wing fervor became the rallying cry inside the D.C. bubble and for ideologues.

Biden, too, surrendered one of the nation’s greatest assets: the ability to secure energy independence. Forgoing more pipelines and oil production not only raises consumer prices but damages America’s national security. Hopefully, voters are waking up to the consequences of turning over energy policy decisions to environmental activists.

Another fiasco voters are unlikely to forget is that students were masked in schools over multiple academic years. This occurred despite an abundance of examples of unmasked lawmakers, celebrities and, at times, almost anybody else in our society. Of course, younger people in K-12 educational settings were less likely to become seriously ill from COVID-19. Still, they were merely victims to be sacrificed to the teachers’ unions and other statist bureaucrats. That’s a tall ask to simply ask parents to let that one go.

It was William F. Buckley who said, “Conservatism takes into account reality.” The reality of the situation is that even amidst the Biden disaster, merely shuffling the political deck chairs won’t ultimately cure our ills. While it appears Democrats will pay a tremendous political price for their ill-conceived policies and general overreach, other troubles persist.

Tech companies and universities are still championing censorship. Healthy family structures continue to erode, and the American dream is still unreachable for too many of our citizens. Traditional values and culture are openly mocked — if not already eviscerated — in the public square today.

At a speech to a group of Hillsdale College students at faculty before the recent CPAC event in Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis reminded his audience of our current state: “Common culture is very important. What unites us as a people has to be a belief in the foundations of this country, otherwise it falls apart.”

How we answer that fundamental issue tells us a lot more going forward than even winning elections or at politics.

Ray Nothstine is Carolina Journal opinion editor and Second Amendment research fellow at the John Locke Foundation.


  1. “Biden’s election mainly resulted from Donald Trump fatigue, “ This statement is blatantly false. Biden was not elected legally. He was installed by a corrupt few who are ruining our great nation.

    If it was due to Trump fatigue why is Trump still pulling in record breaking crowds at his rallies?

    Why are more people daily believing wide spread fraud occurred in the election of Nov 2020?

    Why are canvassers in multiple states finding phantom and ghost voters?

    Why won’t our “elected” officials look into the fraud to prove the 60+% that believe there was fraud wrong?

      • At this point if you haven’t paid attention to see all the hard, irrefutable evidence coming out of GA, WI, PA, AZ then nothing I post will convince you. If you really want to know you can search for it and ignore MSM cause they won’t cover it.

    • The board of elections have already conducted investigations and found that the results of the election were INDEED correct. Get over it trumplican

      • Have you really investigated the way the SBE has investigated the results in this state? All they say is “nothing to see here, we counted and recounted and our numbers are correct”. A plastic apple still counts as an apple if you don’t look at it closely to determine it’s an apple.

        It’s not about Trump for me, it’s about my voice, your voice and every other legal voters voice counting to actual put in office those we choose not the ones someone else wants/chooses.

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