Pet Owner Failed To Seek Medical Treatment For Severely Injured Dog, Police Say 

Animal Later Euthanized

Wilson’s Mills Police have charged a man with cruelty to animals after officers said he failed to seek medical treatment for his severely injured dog.

On September 11th, Wilson’s Mills Police responded to a report of a small dog being hit by a vehicle on Highway 70 West.  The dog was later observed at 92 Mitchner Drive and was determined to be owned by Michael Edward Shelton of the address.

“The dog was having a difficult time breathing and appeared to have suffered severe injuries to the hind leg regions of its body,” Police Chief A.Z. Williams told JoCoReport.

Shelton told police that day he had already called a local animal hospital about treatment also inquired about medical services for the dog from officers.

On September 16th, Wilson’s Mills Police and animal control officers responded to an unrelated call and happened upon the same injured dog they had dealt with on September 11th.

“Shelton claimed the dog had managed to escape from its tether and had been wandering for several days,” Chief Williams said. “Shelton stated he failed to seek medical treatment for the dog as he said he would.”

The dog was seized by animal control and was taken to a local veterinarian.  Police said the dog had suffered permanent paralysis forcing it to crawl on its front legs to move and had a loss of bladder control.

“Based on the vet’s report and the visual observations by officers and a witness, the dog suffered needlessly and should have received medical care when it was first injured,” Chief Williams said.

The dog was humanely euthanized on September 18th.   Shelton was arrested on September 22nd and charged with cruelty to animals.  He was later released on bond.